18' Old Town Chippewa Oltonar Royalex canoe. Oltanar Royalex was Old Towns lighter version of Royalex, this canoe weighs a true 70lbs, 10 to 15lbs lighter than other Royalex canoes this size yet just as durable. They don't make Royalex anymore, a true survivor. Almost 30 lbs lighter than an Old Town Discovery.
It's 18' by 36" by 12 & 1/2" deep. It will carry two duck hunters and all the decoys you need, a dog and equipment. It's a very stable flat bottomed boat yet not a slug. Great family/sportsman's canoe.
It doesn't have a thwart behind the bow seat (as per factory specs) so it can easily be paddled or poled solo
New ash gunnels new webbed seats carry thwarts. Interior is spotless, hull bottom shows very little use. Slight fading to green paint.
$700- fair and reasonable price
Norfolk Ct
860 542 5594-Robin