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Thread: Dirt Dawg Double and Other things found in the fields

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    Dirt Dawg Double and Other things found in the fields

    Farmer sent me a text letting me know some more cutting was going on. Went out that night and had a blank stand. Not to worry though...trail cam pics from the past tell me that I have about 3 consecutive nights to catch them coming to fresh cut fields.

    I had misplaced a couple of things over the course of the spring...namely a rangefinder and a barrel mounted camera in its case. I had an idea of where they could be, though the camera had eluded me for 3 or 4 search sessions. The farmer called me and asked if I lost a case with SD cards in it. Half of that problem solved, but the camera was initially in the case, so I had to search for it when I got a minute. Since a had some extra time, I made my rounds to where I thought everything might be. Rangefinder found exactly where I thought it was...near a rock pile in the middle of a field. And a few moments later, at the field where the farmer found my case, I searched a few moments and found the camera in the cut field!! Camera had been out there since turkey season. Wow...already worth the trip!!

    A storm was passing and I was right on the edge of it, so I wasn't sure I was gonna hunt. I walked 3/4 of the way to my stand and realized that I might have left my sunroof open...and the storm felt like it was getting ready to open up on me. I turned around and trekked it back to my car hoping not to get hit by lightning on the way. I saw that the sunroof was indeed closed, and that the storm was skirting just to the north of me, so I turned around and walked back to where I wanted to sit.

    Carefully making my way through the rows of hay, I spot something bouncing away to my 10 o'clock. Wind was in my face, so I crouched down and watched the coyote turn back to look for me. I quietly set all my crap on the ground, and when he turned to look away, I stood up and put my rifle on my shooting sticks. He took a few more steps and was probably ten yards from the woodline. He turned back toward me, but couldn't determine what I was. I watched him in my scope, and just watched him mull around making his way toward the trees. At 125 yds, I woofed him to stop, and squeezed the trigger...DRT. .308 to the neck, and I think this guy ran out of blood.

    He was in the corner that I expected the coyotes to come from, so I dragged him out of there and went to where I wanted to sit. Caller out about 50 yards and it was just after sundown. I watched a skunk make his way down the rock wall behind me. He stopped just out of arms length to my 9 o'clock and turned toward me with his nose in the air. Think I was as still as I've ever been in the woods. He turned away and continued on.

    Decided on fawn distress as the sky darkened. A doe bounded all the way across the field to check out the sounds, then looked back and bounded in to the woods. Not sure if she spotted the coyote, but it came from the direction she looked and opposite of where I was thinking they'd come from. It put her in my scent cone and I didn't see her until she was past my window and making her way toward where I shot the first. I muted the caller and she stopped. I had to shift, so I did it quickly between her glances toward my direction.

    Shooting sticks in place, she started to trot off and I woofed at her. Maybe 50 yards, and I rushed the shot but still connected with her. Not sure where I hit her, but she dropped and expired by the time I got to her. Very LARGE dog that I almost never saw. Completely caught me by surprise.

    Long read if you made it this far. Storm stayed just to the north, found my two pieces of misplaced equipment, and got two dirt dawgs on the ground...not a bad night!
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    Awesome, you're getting damn good at killing those dogs. Congrats on the double.
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Thanks for the write up! Good job

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    Nice write up and glad you found your lost items. Too bad there isn't some sort of public service recognition for the work you do helping keep the dawgs under control.



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