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    May 2017 Highlights

    CT EnCon Police

    Eastern DistrictHighlights

    May 2017

    Fatal Hiking Incident
    On Sunday May 28, 2016, Officers Landry, Scatena-Kurtzenacker, Vroman and Sergeant Dwyer along with South Killingly Fire/EMS and State Police responded to Ross Pond State Park, Killingly, for a 37 year old male who fell about one hundred feet down from a trail on the cliffs overlooking Lower Ross Pond. The victim was initially alert and conscious and had to be immobilized and extricated from large boulders, unstable rock and heavy undergrowth at the cliff base.He was taken by boat across the small pond to an ambulance then by Lifestar helicopter to Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, where he later died of his injuries. A male friend who had accompanied him also suffered minor injuries while helping the victim but refused treatment.EnCon Police continue their investigation.

    Dumping/Littering Incident Investigations
    Eastern District officers were very active during the month of May completing some lengthy littering and dumping incidents that resulted in significant fines in several cases.
    Beginning in late April 2017, Officer Pettus received reports of large piles of brush,leaves, shrubs, paper and landscaping debris being dumped on a portion of the Scantic River State Park / Harrington Lot, East Windsor. Over the next three weeks, she enlisted the help of the public and local stores as well as conducted surveillance, and later had a photograph of a landscaping company dump truck actively dumping brush and debris. After further investigation, she met the 45 year old male suspect, a local landscape company owner, who readily admitted to frequently using the property for dumping, including at least twelve times in April 2017.He was cited on May 19th for four counts of Illegal Littering on Public Land, witha total fine of nearly $1300.
    In early May 2017, Officer Vroman investigated a report of multiple bags of trash being dumped on state property along Ross Road / Route 695 connector inKillingly. Following further investigation, Officer Vroman met his suspect on May 14th, a 65 yearold male who admitted to at least four counts of littering on state property,and more, stating that if he did not go past the dump on a particular day, he just dumped his trash at that location.His fines totaled just under $900.
    Other littering citations were issued during the month at Mansfield Hollow State Park, Chaplin, and Quaddick State Park, Thompson, for personal trash dumped on park property.

    Joint Fishing Patrol / Enforcement
    On May 19,2017, Officer Landry joined Western District Officers Chickos, Norton and Yescott who were patrolling by vessel and both shores along the Connecticut River in Hartford, Windsor and East Hartford for illegal fishing and taking of herring during the continued emergency closure for that species. As Officer Landry watched western shore fishermen for illegal activity, she checked numerous fishermen along the East Hartford shoreline, eventually issuing citations for four individuals for Possession of Undersized Striped Bass and two counts each of Possession of River Herring and Fishing w/o a License.

    Exotic Species Facebook Investigation
    In early May, Officer Bouthillier took a complaint of someone offering deer meat on a reptile Facebook group. After an involved and determined investigation, she met a 28 year old suspect on May 20thwho stated he had taken a road kill deer, had attempted to sell venison, and was in possession of a reticulated python (regulated species).He received a warning for the violations and the snake was seized and turned over to Rainforest Reptiles of Massachusetts for proper care.

    Public Outreach Events
    Officers from the Eastern District participated in numerous public outreach events throughout the month of May, including Ladies Range Day at the Rockville Fish and Game Club (TIP trailer), DEEP Great Park Pursuit Family Fishing Day at Chatfield Hollow State Park, US Coast Guard first responders meeting, a Child/FamilySafety Day talk at Colchester Elementary school, the MADD annual Law Enforcement Recognition Ceremony, and the Middletown Public Safety Day (TIPtrailer).

    CT State EnConPolice

    Marine DistrictHighlights

    May 2017
    Fishing Enforcement
    On May 1st,Officer Nivolo saw an individual fishing at the mouth of the Quinnipiac Riverin the town of West Haven.Officer Nivolo noticed the individual catch several short striped bass and then dig ahole in the sand and bury them under his camp chair.Officer Nivolo approached the individual and asked him if he had caught any fish.The individual replied “No, just a couple of small ones”. Officer Nivolo then asked why he had dug inthe sand and if there were any fish in the sand under his chair. The individual replied “there might be”.A check produced three undersized striped bass measuring 15-18”.The fish were seized and the individual was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for Possession of Undersized Striped Bass and Possession of Striped Bass in Excess of the Daily Creel Limit.

    On May 5th,Officer Hey and Sergeant Stone were patrolling the Housatonic River in the area of Caswell Cove and saw a male juvenile enter and exit a white conversion van several times in the parking lot .Each time the juvenile entered the van he was carrying a tackle box. Officer Hey and Sergeant Stone conducted a foot patrol of the area and noticed the same juvenile with an adult male actively fishing. The individual was asked if heowned the white van of which he confirmed. Sergeant Stone then asked if he had any fish inside the van to which the individual related he did not. Sergeant Stone asked the individual if he would mind opening the door to the van of which the individual complied. As the van door was opened Officer Hey saw, in plain view, a white plastic bag containing several undersized striped bass.The individual was charged with Possession of Undersized Striped Bass and Possession of Striped Bass in Excess of the Daily Creel Limit.
    On this same day, within the same general area, Officer Hey and Sergeant Stone received a complaint of a woman catching and keeping short striped bass and bringing them to her vehicle under her shirt. The vehicle was located and a male subject was seen walking to it where he removed a plastic bag from under his shirt and put it into a cooler. Both individuals were approached by the Officers and asked if they had any fish in the vehicle to which the female responded “yes”. Upon inspection, six striped bass were located within the vehicle. The female claimed she caught all of the fish. She received a Misdemeanor Summons for 6 counts of Possession of Undersized Striped Bass and 5 counts of Possession of Striped Bass in Excess of the Daily Creel Limit.

    On May 20th,Officer Blackwell was conducting fishing and boating enforcement at the Niantic River Boat launch in Waterford.Officer Blackwell noticed a vessel approaching the dock with four occupants on board. Officer Blackwell immediately saw a Summer Flounder “Fluke” onboard the vessel of which she believed to be undersized.The fish was measured and found to be under the legal length of19”. An individual on board the vessel admitted and claimed the fish was his.The individual was issued and an infraction for Possession of Summer Flounder Less than Minimum Length.The fish was donated to a local food kitchen.

    On May 21st,Officer Tefft noticed three males who appeared to be fishing along the Thames River in Waterford. While heading back towards their vehicle Officer Tefft saw that they were each holding plastic buckets,fishing rods and tackle. He conducted a compliance check and upon inspection found them to be in possession of undersized striped bass and tautog. The fishing season for tautog is closed and possession of the species would be illegal. The fish were seized and all individuals were issued infractions for Fishing for Tautog During the Closed Season and Misdemeanor Summons’ forPossession of Undersized Striped Bass and Possession of Striped Bass in Excess of the Daily Creel Limit. Later that day Officer Tefft caught another individual with the same violations.

    Calls for Service
    On May 9th,Officer Blackwell responded to Harkness Memorial State Park for a report of an active alarm in one of the buildings. Waterford PD also responded. Since March of this year there have been numerous calls to this location regarding alarm calls and significant vandalism to the property. Upon arrival two juveniles were seen in the building and ultimately detained.Officer Blackwell along withthe assistance from Waterford PD interviewed both juveniles with their parents.It was determined that the two juveniles were responsible for all of the damage that had occurred over the past few months.In total, the damage was estimated around $50,000.The case is ongoing pending warrant approval.

    Special Detail
    On May 17th,Officers from the East Marine Sector and South East Sector were involved in a Presidential security detail with the U.S. Secret Service, Homeland Security,FBI, CT State Police and USCG for President Trump’s visit to the USCG Academy Graduation Ceremony in New London.Several Officers were staged at land locations and two vessels were deployed guarding the nearby waterways around the ceremony and airport.

    Over thecourse of the month, approximately 30 summonses/infractions were issued forfishing, boating, park & forest and motor vehicle violations. Three public outreaches were also conducted.

    CT State EnCon Police

    West District Highlights

    May 2017


    On 05/12/17 Officer Yescott, assisted by Officers Chickos, Nortonand Sergeant Ulkus, investigated a fatal boating accident. A lone male occupant, who had been fishing from a canoe on the CT River, was found deceased downstream of his anchored vessel. Several hours before the body was discovered the male was seen fishing from the vessel which was anchored in swift moving water. The body was discovered floating down stream by several shorefishermen. An approved Personal flotation Device (PFD) was found in the capsized vessel. The death was ruled accidental drowning by the Medical Examiner.


    On 5/16/17 EnCon and Oxford Police Officers along with Connecticut State Police (Troop A) Troopers responded to Seymour Reservoir #4, Oxford, for a report of a naked white male exposing himself to two adult and juvenile females on the trails along the reservoir. The accused was arrested on scene, transported to CSP Troop A in Southbury and processed accordingly. He was charged with Public Indecency, Breach of Peace 2nd and Disorderly Conduct. He was then released on a $500.00 surety bond and is scheduled to appear on May 29, 2017,at Derby Superior Court.

    On 05/29/17 Officers Yescott and Heath investigated an active car fire which had been burned and abandoned on the Roraback Wildlife ManagementArea, Harwinton. The case is still being investigated as the 2011 Honda CRV has not been reported stolen and the owner has not been located. There are no suspects at this time.


    On 05/20/2017 Officer Heath was conducting fishing enforcement along the Farmington River behind the Loomis Chaffee School in the town of Windsor. While on patrol he saw a boat with three male occupants actively catching river herring (not allowed) and using them as live bait in an attempt to catch Striped Bass. Officer Heath signaled the boat to shore and while conducting an inspection found multiple Striped Bass of legal length which the parties admitted to catching using River Herring. All three males were issued infractions for Possession of River Herring / Emergency Closure, and one additionally for Fishing W/O a License.

    On 5/26/17 Officer Norton was on routine patrol on Pitch Reservoir in Morris. While driving on Pitch Road Officer Norton noticed a silver-colored Hyundai parked on the side of the road. He stopped to check and see if there was any evidence to determine if the occupant / owner of the vehicle was possibly hiking or fishing the area. Upon looking through the driver’s side front window, he saw a fishing pole laying across the front seat. As Officer Norton proceeded to walk down the make shift path towards the water he saw two male individuals fishing, and recognized one of them from a previous contact. Officer Norton made contact with them and requested their identification. Upon verifying their information Officer Norton confirmed that one individual had prior hunting and fishing violations for illegally fishing in closed reservoirs, including one violation from early 2017. After confirming both individuals information through EnCon Dispatch, Officer Norton issued the male (who had no prior history) with an infraction for Fishing a Closed Reservoir, 26-118, and the second with a Misdemeanor Summons for CriminalTrespass, 53a-107, based on the past recent history of fish and game violations.

    On 05/29/17 Officers Hage and Mazzotta were dispatched to the report of several individuals keeping short Striped Bass on the Housatonic River at a popular fishing spot over the railroad tracks offof Route 34 in Derby. The complainant stated that the individuals were keeping short Striped Bass in the empty spare tire compartment of their vehicle. Upon arrival, the officers saw the three individuals fishing and conducted a routine fishing compliance check. The three individuals stated that they had only caught some pan fish. After some conversation, one of the individuals agreed to show the officers the fish he had in the trunk of his vehicle, upon doing so officers discovered one short Striped Bass approximately 20 inches inlength, in a bucket with ice. The accused stated that the fish was given to him. The accused was issued a misdemeanor summons for Violation of Sport Fishing Regulations (Possession of Striped Bass less than legal length). He was released on a $100 cash bond and is scheduled to appear at Derby Superior court on 06/08/17.


    Both District K-9s were involved in several public outreach events, and a search for a suicidal party in Naugatuck State Forest.

    District officers participated in 9 public outreach events.

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for your hard work EnCon. I'm especially pleased to see littering/dumping getting some attention and that a citizen was so proactive. The amount of trash in our forests etc is very sad indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanburyBowhunter View Post
    Thanks for your hard work EnCon. I'm especially pleased to see littering/dumping getting some attention and that a citizen was so proactive. The amount of trash in our forests etc is very sad indeed.

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