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Thread: How many are kind of holding their breath for 90 days?

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    How many are kind of holding their breath for 90 days?

    I checked the calendar and in 90 days the Conn. archery season will be upon us.

    What have you done so far for preparation?

    For me, I took all of my stands and stick ladders and gave them a coat of rust reformer paint. The next step will be a camo paint coat and let it air out for a few weeks.

    Put an mineral block in the back yard. I have a well worn out stump which is used for that. Although I will admit that I have never taken a deer on my own small plot of land.

    I have not taken my bow out for any kind of practice but that will soon change. I want to get a tad bit better with my bow. I shoot a Bowtech Guardian and have been since 2006 or so when it first came out. I just don't see a huge reason to switch to anything else right now.

    So. What have you been doing? Any prep?

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    I haven't been doing much of anything. I work on planting food plots at our hunting lease this time of the year, so I have been doing some work on that. Rain delayed a lot of that. We are moving from a suburban neighborhood to an area more rural with over an acre of wooded land. So there is a potential for archery hunting there, especially if the neighbors hate the deer eating their flowers or gardens. I am planning on putting some trophy rock out there and a small food plot as well.
    I should've had my trail cams out and some scouting done but Ive been too busy with moving stuff. And you really find out how much useless crap you have when you move (trash cans have been heaping full every week for well over 2 months now.)

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    I haven't done squat. I still don't have everything checked, cleaned, and put away. Looks like its gonna be checked, cleaned, and put back in service this year. Have been thinking about how/where to change some stand locations.

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    I found a great new state land spot while turkey hunting this year. I actually saw 4 deer during my hunt in this area and heard another one that I spooked in the thick brush. There are several heavily used game trails in this spot and one side has what must be a 10 foot wall of impenetrable mountain laurel. It seems like a great funnel spot to set up in. I plan on getting a trail camera and tree stand out there by the end of this week.



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