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Thread: arrowheads, metal detecting

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    arrowheads, metal detecting

    Looking for private (or public) land to metal detect and look for old history relics. I retired in Nov. and love history and being outside. Very quiet and respectful. Thanks

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    Where are you located? Do your research. Start at town hall. Find old foundations in the woods (state forest). Ask permission from people with old houses. Sometimes there's a new house on an old homestead, that's where the research comes in handy. Old crop fields can be good, you won't find much, but when you do it's old.
    I'm not a relic hunter myself, I like old coins, and jewelry of course. Plan a hunt to the civil war area. Get involved with a hunt club. Lots of history right here in CT, just have to find it. Some parks don't allow MD'ing, but many do. If not posted it's allowed. For private lands you need permission. Good luck. Check out , lots of info there, be warned, it's addicting.

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