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Thread: Fresh Cut Field Pays Off

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    Fresh Cut Field Pays Off

    Been incredibly wet this spring. All the farmers I talk with have been telling me how difficult it's been to get work done in the fields. Though a few fields have been cut thus far, there's still plenty that haven't been touched yet.

    Got the call yesterday afternoon that one of them had finally decided to venture into the tall grass. So I hatched a plan to get out and see if I could get a coyote to show. Farmer mentioned that he caught at least one fawn in the cutter, so of the two fields he cut, I chose that one to call over. Still ridiculously wet, and I set up in the tall grass overlooking the field. Caller was out about 75 yards, and I had the wind at my back facing the far corner. I wasn't thrilled with the wind direction and figured if a dawg showed up, I'd have to get on him before he got my scent.

    The medley of sounds I played finished off with baby cottontail duet...and with about 6 minutes left, I looked right and caught a yote that showed up at the near corner of the field. I immediately muted the caller and chose to let him search his way into my kill zone. He would look my way, take a few steps, look toward where the sounds had come from and stop. He repeated this process a few more times and I decided that I needed to swing in his direction to get him before he got me.

    One shot from the 6.8SPC, and he spun and dropped. I switched to pup distress, but had no other takers. 2nd male to come to my sounds, and I never found the fawn...might be worth another stand tonight.

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    Nice job keep killing them .
    I shot a male yote in my back yard came out to hunt mice on my fresh mowed food plot big mistake he ate a round from my 7mm mag almost cut him in half.
    Shoot a Coyote save a Fawn

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    S2 do you do anything with all the yotes you take? .....mount? Fur? Or just leave em?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nbarnych View Post
    S2 do you do anything with all the yotes you take? .....mount? Fur? Or just leave em?
    I'd like to say that I have a use for every one that I kill...but I don't. I got my very first one mounted, and I've given a few of them to institutions of higher learning who like to use the animal bones in their classes.

    I rarely am lucky enough to get them during prime fur season, and offer up any to someone who might skin it out and take the fur.

    The Christmas coyote I called in for my brother got turned into a full size mount that he just got back. It was his first "called in" coyote...turned out pretty good.

    So...the rest...become worm food...and the farmers are appreciative.

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    Congrats. How were the skeeters?
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Bugs haven't been bad yet...this cooler evening weather is holding them down I think.



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