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Thread: Carrying a 22 rim fire handgun during turkey season?

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    Carrying a 22 rim fire handgun during turkey season?

    26-66-2. State-owned, state-leased and permit-required hunting areas; weapons
    (a) Any rifle or handgun using centerfire ammunition may not be used to hunt on state-owned land. Any rifle or handgun that uses rim fire ammuntion having a cartridge case longer than that of a .22 long rifle catridge case and the projectile of which is heavier than 20 grains, muzzleloading rifles larger than .36 caliber or using any projectile other than round ball, and shotgun ammunition of loads larger or heavier than number two shot shall not be possessed or used for the purposes of hunting as defined in section 26-1 of the Connecticut General Statutes on any state-owned land, including state forests. This provision shall not apply to rifles possessed by persons transporting legally killed and properly tagged deer taken on private lands to check stations located on state-owned properties, approved rifle range areas or deer hunting with shotgun or muzzleloader during the open season on such land. Waterfowlers hunting from a boat, blind or stationary position may only use the ammunition specified section 26-66-4(t) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agency.

    I checked all of the laws to the best of my ability and I cannot find anything that prohibits a licensed hunter with a valid Conn. Pistol permit from carrying a 22 rimfire handgun while hunting wild turkey on state or private land. I would like some clarification if possible in case I missed some detail that would get me into trouble. Thanks for any reply.

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    It looks like you may be right if you are hunting turkey with a shotgun and not a bow.

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    I carry a 22 all year long in state forest but then Coyote are open all year long so if I'm technically hunting, then I'm technically hunting Coyote with the 22.

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    I've considered similar coyote hunting with a 22 pistol while on state land for other activities (fishing, hiking, etc). I think the only compliance issues are fluorescent orange between September and February, and make sure the area is open to hunting.

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    I have not hunted in many years now although I do keep a current hunting license and pistol permit. I prefer to carry something in the woods rather than nothing when I walk my dog in the winter months. Since Coyote are open year round and you can hunt them with 22, that makes the 22 pistol legal. When orange is required I wear orange those months.



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