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Thread: April 2017 Highlights

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    April 2017 Highlights

    CT EnCon Police Eastern District Highlights
    April 2017

    Illegal Hunting Incidents

    On April 27th, Officer Arsenault responded to Columbia for a complaint from a homeowner who heard a shot close to her home and found a 25 year old male neighbor with a .22 caliber rifle and a dead female fox on her property. She knew there was a fox den with kits on her property and had been watching them. The male told Officer Arsenault that several of his free-ranging chickens had been killed, so he dressed in camouflage, took his gun and hunted his property without finding anything, then went on to his neighbor's property, saw the fox and shot it. The subject had only a valid archery license. He was arrested for hunting red fox out of season, firearms hunting without a license, and hunting without permission of the landowner, and is due to appear in Rockville court.

    Prior to the spring turkey season, Officer Vroman received a call from a hunter who had located a hunting blind with a corn pile and trail camera on private property in Pomfret where he had permission to hunt. Officer Vroman scouted the area, found the blind, camera, and several piles of corn. On April 27th Officer Vroman found a 56 year old male in the blind hunting for turkey with both a loaded shotgun and crossbow. The subject stated he owned the property, hunted deer and turkey routinely, and that the turkey population was interfering with his fall deer hunting. He was arrested for hunting turkey using bait, and is scheduled to appear in Danielson superior court.
    All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Enforcement

    On the afternoon of April 22, 2017, Sgt. Dwyer was on patrol in Columbia when five ATVs came toward him, all operating on local roads. Upon activating his emergency lights, the ATVs turned around and fled, swerving on occasion into oncoming traffic. Sgt. Dwyer shut off his lights and followed them at a safe distance while summoning Officers Wojcik and Landry for assistance. The ATVs then disappeared into local woods in attempts to elude detection, but seven operators and riders were all located soon after in the woods and at a nearby house. Five males, ages 22 to 35, were cited for failure to stop for an officer, operating on a public highway, operating unregistered ATVs, operating without landowner permission, trespassing, and creating a public disturbance (over $600 in fines each); two other violators were cited for trespass and motor vehicle charges.

    Boating Accident Investigation

    On the afternoon of Sunday 4/16/17, EnCon Police dispatch was notified by the US Coast Guard of a sixteen foot vessel with five people aboard that struck a submerged object in the Thames River, Norwich, and was taking on water. Officers Reilly, Wojcik and Sgt. Kane responded to a local boat launch, where the Coast Guard brought the vessel and occupants. No one was injured but the vessel suffered heavy damage to its propulsion unit. The investigation continues by EnCon Police.

    Emergency Responses/ Incidents
    On 4/9/17 Officers Ruggiero and Flis responded to Chatfield Hollow State Park, Killingworth, for a 20 year old female who fell 15-20 feet from rocks along a trail and was brought out of the woods by park visitors. EMS personnel determined she suffered injuries to her left foot, with possible hip injuries. She was transported to the Yale-New Haven Hospital clinic in Gui lford for treatment.
    On April 14th Officers Scatena-Kurtzenacker and Bouthillier responded to Diana's Pool, Chaplin, for a 22 year old female who broke her ankle while hiking. She was transported to Windham Hospital.
    On April 17, 2017, State Police Troop C in Tolland and DEEP Dispatch received a call of two female hikers disoriented and lost in Bigelow Hollow State Park in Union. Officers Pettus and Reilly with K9 Hunter responded. Using her local knowledge and information from the subjects' phone
    location, their area description, and assistance by Dispat cher Cowperthwaite, Officer Pettus locat ed the two females within the hour and lead them safely out of the woods without inci dent.
    On 4/27/17 Officers Ruggiero and Flis responded to Uncas Pond, Lyme for a 56 year old male who had a diabetic emergency in a remote location. The subject was assisted out of the area, and transported for further medical treatment.
    Later on 4/27/17 at about 2200 hours, US Coast Guard notified DEEP Dispatch of a reported vessel calling 'Mayday' on the Connecticut River in the area of Scoville Rock and Haddam Island. Officer Arsenault responded by land while Officer Bruno and Sgt. Chemacki responded by vessel from Old Lyme, and worked a search of the river from Haddam Meadows State Park north along with units from the USCG and local fire departments. The search was called off by the Coast Guard and FD units over three hours later with negative result s found and no further substantiating information.
    Public Outreach Events; Training

    Officers from the Eastern District participated in numerous events throughout the month, as well as making many contacts and checks of fishing ent husi ast s on the Opening Day of trout fishing Saturday, April 8th . Eastern District officers attended the Law Enforcement Career Fair at Manchester Community College on April 3rd (Officers Pettus, Reilly, and K9 Hunter); worked the East Hampton Lions Club event with the TIP trailer on 4/8 (Officer Wojcik, Captain Lundin); instructed hunting laws at CEFS courses in Durham on 4/9 (Officer Ruggiero) and in Manchester on 4/22 (Sgt. Dwyer); assisted with the first day of a new police academy recruit class on 4/10 (Officer Reilly); presented at a conservation LE course at UCONN, Storrs on 4/18 (Officer Reilly); presented
    at Lyman High School, Lebanon on 4/20 (Sgt. Dwyer); and attended the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce Career Fair at Wesleyan University on 4/27 (Officers Ruggiero and Flis).
    Five recently-hired EnCon Police officers from all districts attended a 4-day Boating Law and Vessel Handling course at Old Lyme HQ the first week of April, instructed by Captains Lundin and Williams. Officers also continued with scheduled CPR/ first aid/ AED training throughout the month.

    ARPIL 2017

    Fishing Enforcement

    On 4/14/17 Officer Hey was patrolling the Housatonic River in Stratford and saw an individual fishing. Officer Hey noticed the individual walking back to his vehicle at which time he approached him and asked him to produce a valid fishing license, additionally he asked if he caught any fish. The individual produced his license and stated he did not catch any fish.
    Officer Hey then noticed a female walking towards the same vehicle with a white bucket. Officer Hey looked in the bucket and noticed 5 undersized striped bass ranging from 12-15 inches. The female turned out to be the fisherman's wife. The fisherman was issued a misdemeanor summons for 5 counts of possession of undersized striped bass.

    On 4/22/17 Officers Fergason and O'Brien saw several people fishing on the Quinnipiac River in New Haven catching and keeping short striped bass. The Officers approached the individuals as they were walking back to their vehicles. One individual dropped a white plastic bag of which had opened when it hit the ground revealing 4 striped bass ranging from 17 inches to 22 inches. The individual was identified and issued a Misdemeanor Summons for 4 counts of undersized striped bass and 3 counts possession of striped bass over the legal daily creel limit. Earlier that day Officer Hey saw an individual fishing on the Housatonic River who caught 2 short striped bass. Officer Hey approached the individual as he was leaving and located 2 short striped bass inside the individual's vehicle. This individual was also issued a Misdemeanor Summons for possession of undersized striped bass.

    On 4/23/17 Officer Hey and Sgt. Stone were patrolling the Housastonic River in Stratford and saw 2 individuals taking short stripers and placing them in a white plastic bag. A total of 18 short striped bass were seized all measuring between 15-22 inches. Each individual was cited for 9 counts possession of undersized striped bass and 8 counts for illegal possession of striped bass over the daily creel limit.

    On 4/24/17 Officer Nivolo was patrolling the Quinnipiac River in New Haven and noticed an individual taking short stripers and throwing them behind him in the woods. Officer Nivolo approached this individual and engaged him in conversation. The individual stated he caught several small striped bass but threw them back. Officer Nivolo searched the area behind the individual and found a blue stringer with 3 short striped bass attached. The individual admitted he caught the fish ranging from 13-17 inches. The individual also did not possess a 2017 fishing license. He was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for possession of undersized striped bass, possession of striped bass in excess of the daily creel limit and fishing without a license. Later that day, Officer Nivolo was patrolling near the mouth of the Quinnipiac River Long Island Sound in West Haven checking fishermen in that area. Officer Nivolo approached one individual on a compliance check and in doing so observed 2 undersized striped bass on a stringer and both measured 15 inches in length. When asked why he kept the undersized fish the individual stated his wife wouldn't let him come home with nothing. The individual was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for possession of undersized striped bass and possession of striped bass in excess of the daily creel limit .

    Boating Accident

    On 4/15/2017 EnCon Officers responded to Silver Sands State Park for a report of a boat in g accident with a Person in the Water in Long Island Sound just south of Charles Island. Milford PD & FD along with Stratford and West Haven FD's and the US Coast Guard also responded. The involved vessel as located by Milford FD with a female occupant approximately 1.25 miles southwest of the initial locat ion. An unconscious male was later recovered by the Coast Guard and brought to Milford Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The case is ongoing and being investigated by CT EnCon Police.

    Overall for the month of April, Marine Zone Officers issued 11 citations for Fishing w/o a License,10 summonses for striped bass violations, 1 commercial shellfish violation, 2 boating infractions for wake zone violations on the CT River (Old Lyme Area) and several Park & Forest citations.


    Western District Highlights April 2017

    On 4/25/17 Ofc. Kiely was dispatched to the area of 15 Country Ct. North Haven for the report of an individual shooting Canada Geese. North Haven PD reported to DEEP Emergency Dispatch that they were out with a suspect adjacent to the Traditions Golf Club. The accused admitted to Officers that he was the caretaker for the golf course and couldn't stand the geese on the course. The accused verbally admitted to driving onto the golf course with his loaded Mossberg 500 and shooting one Canada Goose. Officer Kiely's investigation found the accused did not possess avalid firearms hunting license, CT Migratory Conservation Stamp, and Federal Migratory Bird Stamp. The shotgun used during the taking of the Canada Goose was loaded with five shells of 00 Buckshot. The shotgun was loaded while the vehicle was in operation and field from inside the vehicle on a cart path on the golf course. A laser range finder found two occupied residences were within 500 feet from where the shot was taken. The accused was issued a misdemeanor summons for the following violations; Negligent Hunting Third Degree, Negligent Hunting Fourth Degree, Possession of a Loaded Firearm in a Motor Vehicle, and Discharge/ Carry Loaded Firearm Within 500 Feet of Occupied Building. The accused was released on written promise to appear with a court date on 5/9/17 at G.A. 23 New Haven. The suspect was not charged in the field for the following violations; Possession of Lead Shot While Waterfowl Hunting, Possession of Shot Larger Than BB While Waterfowl Hunting, and Possession of Shotgun Capable of Holding More Than Three Shells.


    On 4/14/17 Officer Kiely was dispatch to the Housatonic River North of Beacon Point Marina in Shelton, for the report of individuals keeping short striper s. Upon arrival, Officer Kiely located three males who were over their possession limit and also possessed striped bass that were less than legal length. Two males were issued a Misdemeanor Summons for the following violations; Fishing Without License, Possession of Striped Bass Less Than Legal Length, and Excess Creel Limit of Striped Bass. One male was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for the following violations; Fishing Without a License, and Possession of Striped Bass Less Than Legal Length. All individuals were released with a court date of 4/27/17 at G.A.5 Derby. Five Striped Bass were possessed amongst the three males.

    On 4/14/17 Officer Heath was conducting enforcement of a local Reservoir in Plymouth that receives quite a bit of illegal fishing activity. While on patrol he observed a party actively fishing from the shore. Upon approaching the accused, Officer Heath saw a large garage bag full of Largemouth bass along with multiple fish in the grass around the bag. The total was 17 illegally caught bass. It was later revealed that the accused was fishing with a suspended fishing license, and has had multiple similar violations in the past. The accused was cited for fish and game violations including Fishing in a Closed Reservoir and Fishing with a Suspended Fishing License.

    On 4/15/17 Officer Kiely noticed several males fishing the Quinnipiac River along the Tidal Mash Trail in North Haven. After observing the males for a period of time Officer Kiely estimated that each caught approximately three Striped Bass which all appeared less than legal length. With the assistance of Marine Zone officers, Officer Kiely made contact with the three males. Officers discovered approximately nine short Striped Bass inside a plastic bag next to the angler's equipment. Two more Striped Bass were located alive on the ground adjacent the anglers, which were subsequently returned to the water. K9 Saydee was run through the area which produced negative results for more Striped Bass. All three males were issued a Misdemeanor Summons for the following violations; Fishing Without License, Possession of Striped Bass Less Than Legal Length, and Excess Creel Limit of Striped Bass. All three males were released with a court date of 5/1/17 at G.A .7 Meriden.
    On 4/18/17, Officer Hage was conducting nighttime Striped Bass fishing enforcement on the Quinnipiac River within the Quinnipiac River Marsh Area. While on patrol, Officer Hage observed a campfire, around which five individuals, three adults and two juveniles, were operating multiple fishing rods. Officer Hage observed the fishermen repeatedly casting and retrieving for approximately fifteen minutes. After observing one individual catch and keep a small sized fish, Officer Hage approached the group and noted eighteen undersized striped bass laying on the ground by the fire. None of individuals admitted to possessing the fish but one individual stated that they were all fishing and that he had warned the others not to possess undersized striped bass. There were no other fishermen in the area. The three adults were issued misdemeanor summons for violations of; Violation of sport fishing regulations and Possession of excess Striped Bass creel limit.


    District K-9s were involved in several public outreach events, a search for a suicidal party and an evidence recovery search.


    District officers participated in 10 public outreach events.

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    Holy undersized stripers infractions....damn

    <<When asked why he kept the undersized fish the individual stated his wife wouldn't let him come home with nothing.>> This made me chuckle tho.

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    Yeah, and these are just the people that got caught. It's a shame people don't get that regs are there to keep the fish going long term.



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