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Thread: 1st Turkey Season Coyote!

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    1st Turkey Season Coyote!

    Gotta love that they opened coyote hunting year round. I'd be scouting for turkeys otherwise. Calling coyotes over a feeding hen decoy serves the same purpose. If turkeys respond, I learn a little about the birds...and if they don't I still get a chance at a coyote showing up. Sat over a field that usually has birds in years past, but have seen none so far this year.

    Placed feeding hen and caller about 100 yds from me and 100 yds from the treeline. Called with hen yelps till sundown, then let out a few female howls and back to hen yelps. I catch a dirt dawg coming straight out of the treeline locked on the sound and decoy, but he starts circling to get downwind of it...all out in the wide open. I barked him to stop twice and jerked the trigger pulling the shot. He barreled out of there back into the thickets. I immediately switched to pup distress and another minute later a coyote shows coming straight at me again. I got in the scope and waited for him to stop. SQUEEZED the trigger this time and dropped him in his tracks. Using my TC Pro Hunter chambered in 204 Ruger, I got out of the scope to reload and watched this dog yelp, get up and labor to the woodline.

    Made a mental note where he entered and went back to my car to grab my headlamp. Returned and walked straight to the treeline where I found good blood. Followed the trail maybe 15 yds into the woodline and found him!! Nice big male, and guessing it was the same one I missed a minute earlier.

    I'll be back before the end of turkey season...hopefully the birds have moved back to the field. Crazy if you don't end a calling stand with some sort of pup distress this time of year!!

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    Well done, once again.
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Great to see a dead one great job Scott
    Shoot a Coyote save a Fawn

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    Kill em all!

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    Great job. Just started messing with the caller this year and called them in using pup in distress on two separate hunts only to suffer from coyote fever and missed both times. Lol

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    Nice shooting. It looks like that 204 works very well on the big dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbore442001 View Post
    Nice shooting. It looks like that 204 works very well on the big dogs.
    I've had them DRT, and I've had a couple runners...but I do like the caliber and super speedy bullet!



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