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Thread: Chicken on a Stick Closes out the Trifecta!

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    Chicken on a Stick Closes out the Trifecta!

    I was getting up this morning, whether it was raining or not. Whether I was going hunting was another story...I decided after looking at the weather report that it was worth the effort. I had been watching a few birds for the past couple of weeks and was pretty confident I had them patterned. I even went up this past Sunday morning in my pajamas just to see if they were where I expected them to be. They were, and I had to go out of state that day to pay my respects to a very close friend and long time Army buddy who passed away at too young an age of 47. It allowed me to hunt Monday and Tuesday in NY for gobblers, but they were better than me and I left empty handed.

    Solo hunt this morning, and I brought the ground blind with me just in case the rain continued. It was pouring when I got to the area, so it went out with me. I wasn't sure where the bird was roosting, but I knew where they ended up in the morning. Turns out this guy was roosting right on the edge of the field. Rain slowed, but the wind picked up. Staked down the corners of the blind so it wouldn't blow away. Chicken on a stick was fighting to stay up in the wind, and the other two hen decoys moved nicely for me. First gobble told me I was in the right place, and it wasn't long when a bearded hen worked her way into my decoys. Another gobble and I see the tom pitch down into the field in the far corner. I never made a peep once he hit the field.

    Took him a half circle and all of 10 minutes to find his way to my full fan decoy. I took some video with my phone as he tried to muscle my piece of plastic from its position, but the decoy stood his ground. The hen mulled around watching the contest of grit. The tom finally had enough and really put his weight into the deke, at which point it broke over in half. He decided to mount what was now on the ground and I decided that he had bullied my decoy long enough. Shot was 15 yds and the tom folded and flopped over at 0615. The hen hung around for a while, and I had considered taking her before the tom showed up...but I knew he was coming, so she was afforded a pass.

    Nice thick beard on this guy measures 9 1/2", and spurs were right around an inch. The wife pointed out the missing tail was missing when he came in this morning. The birds were very noisy this was foggy, windy, and rainy. Glad I got up!

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    Way to go Scott nice bird.

    I went this morning got in my blind about 7 had hens all around me not one gobble i stayed until 10 as i was leaving i looked back across the field there was a ig tom coming should have stayed longer he walked right in front of the blind go figure...
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    Great story Scott. Way to get it done in the rain! Congrats

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    Homework and knowing the birds pays off! Nice job

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    Congrats Scott nice bird. I've never seen a bearded hen, glad you were able to let her pass.
    I may have to for go the bow this week and take out the scattergun, you guys are killing them.
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    I had a guy tell me that a double bearded gobbler had a bearded hen for a mother. Never researched it for myself though



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