Sorry for this post being about a hunt in Massachusetts but it is very close to my home thus quiet convenient.

So far this season has been terrible in the sense of being able to get out. I have to be in work at 7:00AM thus really little to no chance to hunt in the AM. Last Saturday I did get out late in the morning since I had to paint the garage doors before anything else.

So I grabbed Dad's Browning Sweet 16 for old time sake and headed out the door for at least one and a half hours of hunt before the noontime ending. I parked my truck at the state forest gate and walked out down the trail.

As I walked to an area that has had late AM action. On the way I spotted a large buck rub from the season past. Mental note for next archery season. I recall one day scouting seeing a nice buck walk past me before the season was to open. So he or his progeny must be running around.

As I walked further northward I was planning to take a seat at an old abandoned homesite. This site must have been settled a hundred years ago but it seems to be a bit of a nexus of animal activity. As I planned to take a seat I spotted some red.

That is odd? Red?

As I walked closer I soon spotted what the issue was.

There were two older women who were letterboxing. One was wearing a red shirt. That stood out like a sore thumb. When they saw me they were a tad startled but I allayed their fears and chatted. I did warn the lady that the color red is the same color as a gobbler's head and some people may not have restraint when hunting. I did inform them of the season and hunting hours. They were nice but it did kind of ruin my hunt.

It was 1145 AM so I headed out of the woods and to the rod and gun club for a pre-bachelor party gathering.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a soggy day. So I may sit this Saturday out.