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Thread: Day 5

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    Day 5

    I went solo this morning on a state spot since I'm about to have a baby any day now I'm trying to go as much as possible. As expected the state land wasn't crawling with people since the first week of hunting is done. I had a bird hammering his head off on the roost. He was constantly double, triple and even a few quadruple gobbles. I heard another hunter scratching on a slate call between me and the bird. I was a little bummed since I had been sitting in my spot since 4 am, but what are you gonna do about it? The bird seemed to like his talk so I figured any minute I'd hear a blast but never did. I heard him gobble one last time a good ways off before he shut off like a light switch. Around 8:20 I saw about 10 birds coming out of the woods to the field I was set up in. They had to cross a road to get there and as usual someone in an SUV pulled right up beside them and sat there until they ran in the woods. Out now and headed to work. I can't call it a failure because I heard some great gobbling and saw some birds.

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    Can't win them all after the weekend we had! Drunk driving into the office today. Hadn't had to come in since last Tuesday!

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    This morning was back to private land. Same time, same place, arriving about 5:15. It was a bit foggy so I hung out in the truck for about 20 minutes. I heard no gobbling when I was in the truck. But there was a little more activity in the woods with small birds and a few squirrels.

    After I left the truck, I set up near where I last set up on Friday. I found myself a nice spot in the brush with good cover on the south edge of the property. I set my decoys about 25 yards out. I had good shooting lanes east and west but the north was not particularly clear. I called every 15-20 minutes. About 6:45, on my third or fourth call, I got a nibble. We played back and forth a bit and after a while I could see him displaying at about 100 yards. I hoped it would come into the decoys but he didn't. Had he come directly in I would have a good shot. After about fifteen minutes I lost sight of him but we continued to talk for another fifteen minutes of so. After that he went silent I called a few times hoping that he would change his mind. He did but he circled around and approached my set up from the north, the one spot where I did not have a good shot. As he approached the set up, I tried to subtly adjust my position to where I might get a clear shot. He made me at about 30 yards. Such is life. But I called one in and will be out again on Wednesday.



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