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Thread: First time out

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    First time out

    I finally got my act going between going to the doctors and rehab class I set my blind up last night in my lucky spot This morning I was slow out of the gate got in the blind close to 6 very quiet np gobbles until 730 close to 8 I heard one gobble two hens came in I forgot my calls dummy, about an hour goes by the tom I heard gobble came in with a hen very jumpy never stopped I let him walk .

    I sat in the blind starting to think I should have stay home took out my cell phone looking at the phone I looked up I have 4 toms coming to me pushed the safety off the crossbow first one was a jake looked at the last bird he had a beard about 6 inches put the scope on the vitals and sent it flying it wacked the bird with a loud crack I watched try to fly did't get the landing gear off the ground landed I a heap the other birds were put puting I reloaded with hopes I could drill another they went in the woods.
    Sat for another hour heard a few birds gobble had to get home went and picked my bird up walking out along the edge of the field I looked here comes two toms walking right to me they came with in 10 yards my bow is in the blind stupid me .
    Not a bad start don't know when I can get back out no picture sorry...........

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    Congrats Andy. I've never seen a need to get up super early for turkeys. Actually, I'd rather they were on the ground already when I get in. They can see quite a distance while in the tree.
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