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Thread: Double down...reaper style!

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    Double down...reaper style!

    Got my butt handed to me by the birds on Thursday. Gobblers all henned up with WAY too many hens. And I set up a little too close to the roost...won't make that mistake again.

    Different setup, same story again this morning. Had Treat and his boy with me, and watched the field fill with birds. We got Treat's boy a jake and a gobbler during the youth it was Treat and myself with guns. But because there were so many hens, the 4 gobblers following them were never gonna break away. And there was NO calling the hens over. Closest they got was probably 100-150 yds and just worked the field past us. I got out of the blind and looked down the field and noticed the birds were very near the end of the hedge row we were in. I decided to take action and break out the Chicken on a Stick.

    Made my way down the hedgerow which conveniently had two or three large boulders at the end to hide my entrance into the field. On my hands and knees, I slowly introduced myself to the birds that were about 75 yards away. I moved slowly and checked their response. They seemed to want to move off, so I tipped and turned the decoy to get their attention. I slowly advanced as a tom broke away to come check out the new boy on the block. He wasn't rushing me, but he closed the distance quickly. I staked the decoy in the ground and got prone...and took that boy out at 10 yards.

    He flopped around for a while as the other birds moved off. I stayed behind the deke...pumped that this thing worked. Wow!! What a game changer. I looked out in the field and a little further out was the big boy all flared up. I yelped a little and began to make my way toward the birds. A hen started to move in my direction and the boss tom didn't like that. Coming straight on, he closed from 50 to 15 yards with authority. Got in the prone, and smoked that tom!!

    18 and 20 pounds, 8 1/2" thin and 9" paintbrush beards, longest spur was an inch and a quarter...respectively.

    Treat and his boy stayed in the blind and didn't see the action. They offered to film behind me, but this was the first time I've tried this and wasn't sure the birds wouldn't spook if they saw them. I gotta tell you...this changes things. No more will I watch 15 hens walk off with toms following them...I'm taking the hunt to them!! It was incredible and if you have a place that you can try this safely...I HIGHLY recommend it. First time I have doubled up!!

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    Awesome honey! Those pull starter decoys or just stands can really put a hurting on a big boy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctrider View Post
    Awesome honey! Those pull starter decoys or just stands can really put a hurting on a big boy
    Thanks dear!! But I thought we were gonna keep this secret?!?

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    Congrats on the successful reap! Those gobblers can't stand male competition!

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    Great job Scott lite them up and smoke them boys.....
    Shoot a Coyote save a Fawn

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    Double down...reaper style!

    Quote Originally Posted by S2H View Post
    Thanks dear!! But I thought we were gonna keep this secret?!?
    Haha. That's what you get when you're on day 4 of getting up at 2:30am to turkey hunt!

    Awesome HUNT, those FULL strutter decoys or just TAIL FANS*

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    NICE!! I have no doubt it worked that good. After Thursday's hunt with bow, the jakes wouldn't take their eyes off my deke. Can't wait till Tues to try again. Now, give Treat a shot.

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