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Thread: Day 4

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    Day 4

    Got WoodsmanA to join Bishop and me to hunt Easterns on the Eastern part of the state.

    We know this spot well and the birds were a little slow to come in but 2 strutters showed up as expected. We have a great vantage point at this place and watched the lead bird strut his way in to the strutter Jake and hen decoys for about 100yds.

    The second bird hung back but the lead boy just couldn't handle it and closed the last 10yds to bring him to about 35yds. Adam was our guest and had first shot and stoned that turkey with his grandpas featherweight 870 circa 1964 with 2 3/4 load of no. 6.

    We waited and called a little to see if the other would come in but he was content hanging with the hens that made their way to the field.

    Took some photos and packed up to make the hike out.

    There's a nearby spot that we've seen big gobblers in but is heavily pressured. We decided to ride by and check the fields and saw zero trucks and 3 long beards cross the road in front of us about 75yds. Knowing the terrain was key as we U-turned the truck and hustled to the fields they were headed to. Made our way until we could see them and used a hedge row to our advantage.

    Bishop started calling and before long they were on the way through the hedgerow. Adam and I were tucked in some pricked bushes with no immediate visibility to our right, where the birds where coming from. Looking through the branches he counted down yardage, 50, 40, 30,20, 15 and finally the lead bird came into view. He stuck his head up and I shot. The whole hunt was under 20 minutes and a great way to top off an already great hunt.

    Adams bird weighed 20 lbs, had some good spurs and nice beard. My bird weighed 18lbs with a thick first beard and scraggly double bear wth double spurs which we didn't even know was a thing!

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    You guys are hammering the birds!! Beards, beards and more beards...looks like you guys are ready for the NHL finals! Congrats fellas.

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    Congrats guys. Nice birds.
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    Got to go out for the first time this season with a buddy of mine and we both scored with nice birds. It was his first and I think he's hooked now.

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    Awesome job guys!!!!



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