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Thread: Day 3

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    Day 3

    I could not go out Thursday so today was my second day out this season.

    This morning was foggy and damp but no rain to speak of. About 5:15 I started walking to where I wanted to set up. It seemed better than Wednesday. There were some birds singing and a few minutes after I started out, I heard some gobbling in the distance. I was set up by 5:45. I called every 20 minutes or so but nothing answered. I heard some more gobbling but that was way in the distance and very faint. So I continued to sit. Around 7:30 I saw something moving on the rise in the field I was hunting. At first I thought it might be a deer but when I glassed it it turned out to be a coyote. It was about 150 yards out and was checking out my decoys. After a few minutes it wandered off. Too bad, if it had come a lot closer or if I had a rifle I would have taken it. I decided to move to the other end of the field, about 500 yards away. About 2/3s of the way there, I ran into a flock of 6 or 7 hens who took off. I set up in my new place and stayed for another hour or so before going home. As I drove by some land trust property about a mile from where I was hunting I saw a flock of Jakes displaying to each other and trying to impress a lone hen.

    All in all, a better day than Wednesday. There were turkeys in the area, just not where I was. I'll be out Monday.

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    Day 3

    Well third time's the charm. Bishop and I have been putting in our time on stateland all 3 mornings and today the spot I setup (selected with yesterday's intel) was a little too close to the roost.

    Got settled about 4 and closed my eyes Check my phone to see if Bishop is good as we split up about 75yds apart in order to learn from yesterday's encounter. He texted me there's other hunters moving in and to flash my light.

    I never saw them but heard some walking. Then while it's still black dark, a bird gobbles really close. Turns out I was 50yds from the roost. As the sun came up I could see him and I'm sure he saw me at some point. After strutting in the tree for a bit, some of his friends flew down and then him. I had a narrow window to shoot as he crossed the hill but he managed to keep on the safe side of some pines although he managed to show me the top of his even tail fan disappear over the hill.

    Couple more birds pitched down and went off over the hill and towards a private field. Crap, ruined it. Tried to chase after before they hit the field but they were already way into the field and not interested. We went to a spot we've seen/heard birds at mid morning and heard a bird burning it up we heard yesterday from private land.

    Heard a gobble coming back from the field and got my hopes up. Called a little and heard another one and he was coming. Then BOOM! Crap, so much for that. Hunter must have come in late as we were in that spot not 30 min prior. Decided our morning at that spot was probably shot and went to see how he did. As we neared, BOOM. Great, e shot another but wait, that bird was on private! Did he poach? Does he have permission? If so, why is he in the state side? Talked to a nice guy who did have permission and took a couple jakes we had seen while scouting. Wished him luck and hiked out feeling defeated after being near birds 3 days in a row without sealing the deal.

    Decided to head to a private land spot closer to home since I had to get to the DMV in the afternoon. Made the drive and eased up the hill and there was gobbler not 30yds over the top. He hustled off with another but terrible spooked.

    Took the long walk around to check other fields and then ease back down the trail near where they went into the woods. Knowing the terrain here was key. We set up on a nice logging trail and put out 2 hen decoys. Settled in and it wasn't long before we got an answer to our calling. They came over the course of probably 15 minutes. The 'S' shape of the road worked perfectly as we could see them coming down the top curve before getting into range. Two mature toms came in with bright red waddles and white heads, one of them strutting. As we prepared to count off 1,2,3 shoot, the paused to strut and we decided it was going to be the time. 1,2,3 BOOM BOOM. We hustled over and made sure they were down for the count (with a little help).

    Took some photos, went back to the house and cleaned the birds.

    Man did we feel like we earned these birds with the miles we put on and early morning wake ups. Another great hunt with a great friend and buddy.

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    Great job and write up! You guys earned them for sure. I miss the days when I had birds on state land down here... had lots of fun chasing them and outsmarting other hunters.

    I will be out turkey hunting in RI Sunday got to work tomorrow, first time I had a place to hunt them in 3 years. Cant wait to get out there!
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    Congrats guys, nice looking birds.
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    I've never felt so relieved after shooting a turkey. I'm warn slam out! BUT back at it tomorrow!

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    Nice job boys!! That's a great story and congrats on the success.

    Bishop...caught you browsing around Cabelas a few weeks ago...was gonna say hi, but you guys looked like you were pretty focused in the turkey call section, and I was on a mission myself.

    Nice job guys!

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    Sweet job!!!!!

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