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Thread: Day 2 - How'd YOU do?

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    Day 2 - How'd YOU do?

    0/1 here. My bow mounted decoy is a bit awkward, but I could dance behind it without a problem.
    Didn't get up until 0630. In the woods in about a half hour. Birds were gobbling when I got out of truck.
    Headed down the trail with ghillie on and bow in hand. In the neighbor's yard I see a head and top of another's fan.
    I wait until the head goes down and boogie down the trail. Get set up and call a little. Wait, wait, wait....occassionally hearing a distant gobble.
    I check the other neighbor's field that the cart path skirts, there's a hen, but, no toms.
    Back to the trail, I wait just a few minutes and stand up to look further down the path...a head, then two. I slowly drop down and have bow in front of me.
    Four jakes come around the corner quietly. They gobble after seeing my dekes, but don't fan out. Standing at 18 yards or so, I contemplate a shot. I want them to come in just a few more yards.
    No deal, they try to skirt around me, between the path and the field wall. At 12-13 yards, I pick a bird, draw, wait for it to step in an opening, release.
    There were a few sapling pines in the way, and I'm sure I hit one. My arrow didn't seem to fly as straight as it should have, and stuck in the ground at his feet.
    Into the field they went, but hung around for a quite a bit. Good morning, had fun. At 0910 a doe came out of the field and crossed in front of me. I headed out.

    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Never Too Late to Find New Ways to Ruin a Turkey Hunt

    Got out around 5 this morning and was hoping to hear a bird sound off where I had previously roosted them. After jumping every deer in town (where are all these deer during the season?) I finally got to where I wanted to set up. Waited almost an hour before calling because of the fog but no takers.

    Decided to move and eventually heard a bird around 9. A few toms with hens and several jakes on an adjacent private. Tried to get to a clearing in the swamp between me and the birds, since they wouldn't cross, and I got busted.

    Made a long loop back to the truck calling every once in a while. At about 11 I was halfway back and tried the glass call. Bird hammers back about 300yds across a thick swamp. I call again and he double/triple gobbles. Next time he calls hes on the edge of the swamp so I hooked around and charged headfirst into the swamp. It was more like a bull charging thru the swamp then a deer (I still don't get how they can tear thru thickets so quickly/quietly) but I made it across eventually. By that time it was 11:30 so if this was gunna happen it had to be quick. Exit the swamp and picked the first large tree and sat down, bird hammers off less than 100yds, ok good still there. I let out a few yelps and and he double gobbles. I hear him coming then catch glimpse of him strutting thru some brush. Now I can hear him spitting and drumming and I'm stoked. He hangs up around 50yds but I have no shot so I scratch the leaves then turn and cluck/purr lightly. He gobbles and a Jake nearby yelps and it looks like he's had enough. He breaks strut and gets to about 25yds, safety off "CLICK"... whaaaaa???? Instead of letting him get closer before racking another I panic a bit and just instinctively reload. He gets nervous and ducks into the nearby brush. I squeezed off a shot but struck some laurel instead. 11:48 and a bird in the wind, no matter how many years you do this you never know what the outcome will be.

    Apologies for the long winded rant but it was a hunt full of so many highs and lows, both new and familiar, I wanted to share the whole story. Was hoping to attach a picture of a nice tom down but here's the misfire (short-strike) and tree killer (full puncture). Maybe I didn't rack the action forward hard enough this a.m., was worried they were roosted close but not talking, oh well.
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    Great stories and recaps. I got out this morning for the first time and set up unknowingly in plain sight of the roosted birds. I should have stayed and put them to bed last night. Needless to say, they pitched the other way and never had anything come within 75 yards of me. These birds didn't get out of the tree till after 0600. I'll be back another day...

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    Day 2 for me: No Toms or Jakes. A lone hen came through cutting and yelping around 9 am, that was it. Next time won't be for a couple of weeks, wish me luck.



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