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Thread: Dead buck dinner is sreved

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    Dead buck dinner is sreved

    A friend sent me this video of a buck they found dead they tied it to a tree set up a cam on it very interesting on what came to dinner..
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    I was surprised to see more bobcats on video than coyotes. It was also interesting to see the bobcats covering-up the carcass with pine needles after feeding. Do you know what town was the video taken?

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    Very cool Thanks for posting Andy

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    Checked a few cams today.
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    Interesting. I found a dead doe this winter and set up a cam in video mode. Probably 98% of it was eaten by a single fat bobcat. The yotes would walk up and smell it then spook off. An opossum ate off of it as well as some type of hawk. But the coyotes never touched it. I got 10 hours of footage from it before the batteries died




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