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Thread: Bowfishing Regs Clarification?

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    Question Bowfishing Regs Clarification?

    I'm looking to bowfish this year, and was curious if Encon or anyone else could clarify the legality of it.

    The anglers guide states:
    BOW AND ARROW FISHING: Common carp, bowfin, tench, white suckers,American eels and sea lampreys may be taken with a bow and arrow. These species may be taken by archery in streams and stream sections not stocked with trout, and in lakes and ponds, and only taken during the open season for fishing in those waters. Use of crossbows is prohibited. A fishing license is required.

    So how I interpret by the text that you can bow fish for the listed species in lakes and ponds, but I don't completely understand the part where it says "Streams and stream sections not stocked with trout".. What if a specific stream is stocked with trout, but I go to a section where it is not actually stocked? It's still by definition, a stream that's stocked with trout as its the same body of water which I would think would be prohibited for bow fishing, but it is also a section not stocked with trout which under the text says its legal. Also curious on the legality of bow fishing rivers, or is a river by definition classified also as a stream? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Got the answer from fisheries this morning. ANY stream that is stocked with trout is basically “off-limits” to bowfishing. I believe we have further interpreted the “stream sections not stocked w trout” as, if there is some sort of impoundment on a stream (named or unnamed) that is not stocked with trout we would consider bowfishing legal. Example would potentially be Rainbow Res. The Farmington R. is stocked above the Rainbow Res. but we do not stock the res., therefore, it is open to bowfishing. Hope this helps to clarify your question.

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    When I was a kid I remember going with my father in some tidal water area around Hamden. It's been so long now though I don't remember where. There was a small boat launch there. We used to get lots of big carp and give them to the colored folks that were always coming by to see what we got. They were happy to get them.

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    Hmmmm... I had never considered this before but now I am.

    Thank you!

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