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Thread: Small, Plump Honey Hole Dirt Dawg gets Dumped!

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    Small, Plump Honey Hole Dirt Dawg gets Dumped!

    It's not that I haven't been trying to kill em...just been having a hard time getting them to cooperate. I HAVE had some pretty neat encounters and experiences though, and it keeps me focused on the next set.

    During the last cold spell, I looked out my back windows and saw two coyotes on the frozen pond. Probably 300 yds or so. I don't have the required 10 acres to pull out a rifle, but I have all the neighbors go-ahead on blasting the shotgun. I raced out to the car and grabbed my caller and ran out the basement with a shotgun in my pajamas. I got the smaller yote's attention with some rabbit distress and it started coming across the ice towards me. I had 3 1/2" #4 buck loaded in my shotgun, and waited as she made her way. She veered left and hit land and came in to about 40 yds before deciding to circle back out toward the pond. I had a window when she was 40 yards and let one fly...she ran off.

    Tracked her back to the pond, and actually walked part way onto it before she stopped bleeding. I started calling to her partner, but I think he saw her run off and followed her. I saw them both making their way further down the pond. Not sure how she survived this...but I failed to recover her.

    Went back to western NY for a long weekend with my brother trying to get on more back there. It was the 70 degree weekend and all the snow melted quickly. Brother got his pocket picked during an early morning stand, but no others showed over the weekend. Good news is we picked up 2000 acres of farm to hunt, and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we figure it out. We pulled a few stands there, but more scouting than anything else. It's gonna take some time...but nice land none-the-less.

    Fast forward back to CT...called a stand a few weeks ago and had a male show up across a small valley around 100 yds. I only had my shotgun with me. He sat down and started his howling routine. Really raised the hair on my neck. He got a few far off responses and eventually worked his way across the other side never getting closer than 80 yds. I couldn't get him to move my direction. I'll be back after him another time.

    Got up this morning early...too early. I didn't need to be up 2 hours before sun up. Oh well...drank some coffee, got the hunting clothes on and headed out. Hit the honey hole and took up my prone position just at legal shooting time. I had missed one a week or so ago. Not that I misranged, I just held over too much I think. It was a 375 yd shot. This morning, I looked right and see two in the middle of the field mousing. Not sure where they came from...just showed up. The bigger of the two found it's way into some defilade, so I took aim at the smaller and let the 6.5CM do its thing. 225 yds, and the 2nd coyote took off like a bat outta he!!. No shot on him.

    Small fat (read pregnant) female that won't be delivering this year. Saw a 3rd while I was talking to the farmer. Tried to get my stuff out of the car, but just ran out of time. Love this time of year!!

    Long read...sorry...been wallowing in my failures thus far!

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    Good job. I figured you'd be posting some up soon. Hopefully that first one went off and died too.
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Awesome, had the beagle out training yesterday and found a freshly dug den with coyote tracks everywhere coming in and out of it. No hunting at the spot tho.



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