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Thread: New to CT hunting

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    Thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on getting my hunter courses done. There seems to be slim pickings on classes and I don't want to wait months to get it done.

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    Call up the quaker hill rod and gun club in montville. They have classes all the time and can usually fit you in even if the computer says its filled up. Worth a try.

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    Do you have an out of state hunting license?
    If so you should be able to just obtain a license here.

    If not, they aren't posting classes yet. Best bet is to either check the deep website daily( or contact your preferred hunting/shooting club and ask them when they do it.
    Even if you have a license out of state and can just obtain one here, its probably a good idea to take the course here anyways to learn our laws which I am sure are different than your used to.



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