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    Built for speed

    Went out today rabbit hunting with a co worker. He has been trying to get a rabbit with his bow. I give him credit he trys his best and doesn't get frustrated. Although he came close several times he just couldn't connect. We ran a couple rabbits the first couple hours and both ended up going in there holes before we could shoot them. We were about 3/4 of the way through the property when my beagle jumped one. She took him out about 60 yards then he started to circle back. Then he just took off straight. He went out 800 yards (half a mile !!) before he circled back again and the dog was right on his tail. Farthest loop I've seen this year so far. He wasn't so lucky on the way back though my 20 gauge was waiting for him. Gps helps tons with these big male buck rabbits. He was just pure muscle when I dressed him out. By this time a group off 5 guys with 2 beagles that I ran with last week showed up. We hit the last part of the property and ended up with 2 more rabbits. My beagle is only a year and a half old and everytime I take her out she just puts a smile on my face. 20170121_142626.jpg20170121_140750.jpg20170121_140711.jpg20170114_121218.jpg20170121_101130.jpg

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    Awesome!! Congrats!



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