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Thread: Got a good ML buck

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    Got a good ML buck

    The last week of deer season for me. I have put in so much time this year and have been having a totally dismal season aside from my archery buck. When I saw a doe and skipper come through behind me this morning I was desperate to slam the doe with the muzzleloader. They were going through a big patch of hemlock and I didn't have any good shot opportunities so I watched them walk off and thought all was lost. Less than a minute later here comes another deer, didn't care much what it was I just needed something for the freezer but when I saw tines it was that much more exciting. Luckily I was already turned around from the others and I was able to "meh" stop him in a tiny shooting window at 30 yards before he walked out of my life. Squeezed off the shot and saw him mule kick so I knew it was good. He went about 50 yards and piled up.

    The buck was down in a pretty steep and bad spot but I was very lucky to be able to get a hand from WoodsmanA with the dragging and hero shots, I would still be out there if it weren't for him. Thanks again dude!

    As soon as we started to drag him I sad I hope the antlers don't pop off, and at that exact moment thats exactly what happened, hahaha. Lost one side, it was a first for me. I never killed a big buck this late in the season. I'm guessing he was just a day or two from shedding his antlers.

    He dressed out at 162, I bet he was closer to 200 in november. He looked like a really old worn out buck. Not he biggest rack in the woods, but I couldn't be happier with him, what a great way to end the season. Someone up above was smiling on me this morning.
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    Congratulations. Gotta love red snow.

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    Wide as all get out!! Congrats and that beauty, Grizz. Looks like a lot of bucks are dropping antlers now. At least you have both, and meat in the freezer.

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    Great Job Adam....
    Too bad I didn't get back out your way again this season......When I do, I will let you know.....

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a save and Happy New Year.....

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    Nice job on a mature deer!
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    Nice buck Griz. Congratulations,

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    Great buck. I'm still looking for the other side of the buck I shot the other day.

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    Congrats on a Great Buck! Way to get it done at the end of the season!!
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    Real nice buck, congrats Adam. I've only seen six bucks the entire season since Sept. and three were in one day. Last week I saw 22-24 deer, not one antler.
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    Congrats on another mature animal!!! Well done



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