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Thread: Christmas break hunt

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    Christmas break hunt


    Hunted fri,sat and today Monday for rabbits. Fri went out by myself and my beagle and was able to kill 2 rabbits. Saw a 3rd but couldn't get a shot before he went in his hole. Sat took a coworker out who has been trying to get a rabbit with his bow. My beagle jumped a rabbit and I put him where I knew the rabbit would come back. Rabbit came back and he had it in his sights but hesitated and missed his shot. Beagle also jumped a pheasent but no shot was available before it ended up flying off. Rain came and we called it a day. Today went out with another member and we got 2 rabbits up and going. Scenting was tough on the snow for the dog. Everything was frozen over. He was able to kill 1 of the 2 rabbits we saw.20161226_151231.jpg
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    Congrats on the bunnies!! Love the sound of a beagle on a rabbit!!

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    And said rabbit is frying as we speak. Thanks mike for another good time. The dog certainly earned that nap.



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