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Thread: Hunting Tomorrow?

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    Hunting Tomorrow?

    Weatherman says the temps will be just a bit below avg. with a slight breeze. Anyone going?
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    School day...maybe the evening. Good luck, stay warm!

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    Work today but definately wont miss a snowy saturday morning.

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    Was out yesterday from 3:30 to sunset, saw two does out of range. Plan on being out the same time today.
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    Was suppose to go out today with a friend in a area he hunts, but he got food poisoning last night. Now I'm just bored sitting at Town Fair Tire waiting for my winter tires to be put on.

    I'm still pretty new to all this. Is there good hunting oppurtunitues going out in the snow storm. Few friends saying yes, others saying it's a complete waste of time.

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    Idk, rabbit hunter and i covered quite a few miles today trying to get his dog on a rabbit and never saw ANY sign of life. And i mean NOTHING. Yet last week when it was snowing i saw a few deer, some turkeys,and enen a big male black bear. It wasnt snowing like today though.

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    Snow Day Geese

    Was hard to decide whether do waterfowl or deer hunt this a.m. Yesterday pm I was able to find a spot not completely frozen with the frigid temps, saw a lot of birds moving after sunset of course. Was no shortage wildlife looking for food in this cold. A bobcat came out on the ice and was searching around the brush for song birds and maybe mink? Some wood ducks swam down the river in my direction and started foraging on the nearby bank. A hawk swooped down and tried grab one of them causing them to break from the bank. Cool sight.

    Hoping that the bird numbers I saw yesterday would be around this morning we decided to goose hunt this morning. Sitting in the layouts as the snow started to get heavier, having cleaned the decoys of snow several times, my buddy says "are they even gunna fly in this" and no sooner does he utter this, we hear geese coming from behind us. We scramble for the blinds and I start calling hoping to pull them in. They descend over the tree line and scope our spread, not taking much. They make one pass and they lock up at which I lay off the call. They land about 50yds shy below the crest or a small hill. Next small flock, same results. Afterwards a large group of birds is headed to us from the same direction and the birds on the ground are talking up a storm. About 80 or so birds pass over and head for the other field that we cannot hunt. It doesn't take long for the birds in front of us to decide they'd rather hang out with those birds instead their plastic buddies so they lift off out of range to join the others. It wasn't looking like we were going to get a shot at any birds and a short time later a flock of 30 or so appear thru the snow. I lay on the calling hoping to stop them short of seeing the live birds in the other field. They commit and we let the first 8 or so land feet from the blinds and come up shooting at the remaining birds cupping over us. We dropped 4 and we were ecstatic, if it weren't for the snow limiting their vision they probably would have ended up with the others. A quick scramble to pick up the birds and knock some snow off the of decoys when another flock sounds off over the treeline. Repeat of the last flock, nice and close with 2 more birds down. After all was said and done we had probably saw a few hundred birds, most of which ended up in the other field. We think that the birds are what's left of the stubborn locals in the area that are bunched up on the remaining open water. Subzero temps and snow squalls can make for a great hunt when some birds are still around.
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    Congrats on the birds!! We were out as well. Brushing snow off decoys is annoying. We were in the right place with the wrong setup. Managed to put one down, but only because I refused to let them land beyond us...

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