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Thread: Something Different Today

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    Something Different Today

    Fresh snow last night my choice was to go sit in my stand instead of shooting ducks. Just after 7AM I hear squirrels going crazy with chatter up hill behind me on a ridge that the herd runs along. I turn to see what is making them chatter and see nothing. Then out of the corner of my eye i see a quick flash of black going down a tree to the ground. Can't see what it is. The squirrels went non stop for 20 min until I see this monster Fisher coming don the hill. It appear he was checking all the squirrel nests along the hill side. I watch him as he walks downhill towards my tree. Stops under my tree jumps on to the tree my stand is in and comes up the tree about mach 10 I start stomping on on the tree stand and after 2 or 3 hard stomps he sees me turns goes down half way leaps in the air and runs off to the swamp below.....

    Never in my life had anything even close to this happen......

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    I've had them close on the ground, and watched one run up a tree just across a deer trail from me. Every time I see one, I try to kiss it as close to me as possible. Usually they only get to within 6' or so before realizing they better run off. I would've let him climb right into my lap. Cool animals.
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    I had that happen once, really big fisher. He stopped coming up my tree when he saw the barrel of my .270 in his face. He got down and milled around the base of my tree for a few seconds then walked off after I nailed him square on top of the head with spit.

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    I watched one this spring on the bank of the Farmington river while fly fishing. He was catching bird after bird and eating them. He probably caught 4 or 5 that i saw. He would jump up into a bush about 4 feet up and wait. The birds would come to him. Pretty good hunter.

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    They are really cool animals. I used to trap them up here in NH in the 80's and would get $225 for the fine furred 6pd females and $125 for the courser furred 12 pd males. The limit was 5 and I bought lots of Xmas presents for my kids trapping fisher back then. We'd use leaning pole sets and 220's with a hunk of beaver above the trap covered with hemlock. A dab of skunk essence on the pole would call them in from afar especially on those damp, foggy nights. I've got a 30 year old 14 pder in my den from those day that still looks pretty good.



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