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Thread: Can any one answer this?

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    When guys at work think I'm weird for hunting I just say golf started in the 1400's but hunting has been around since the beginning of time. So if anything you're weird for playing golf.

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    Most people who are outspokenly against hunting have no problem eating their chicken and steaks. Somehow to them, killing cows and chickens is ok because you don't watch it. Its usually easy to win such an argument with someone who eats meat but is against hunting.
    I'm not worried about the anti's getting their way. Statistically about 80% of the population either supports hunting or isn't against it.

    The most important thing is keeping your cool if you ever get into a confrontation with some hippie loser.
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    Most people I have met that are against hunting are so because their opinions are driven strictly by emotion and they are completely out of touch with reality. A little rational, logical, critical thinking, and common sense can quickly change their views if you can properly articulate yourself.



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