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Thread: Can any one answer this?

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    Can any one answer this?

    So i have friends that are hunters and i have friends that think hunting should be outlawed.Now the question is why do the friends that hate hunting call me every day of deer season to ask if i got one and can they have some steaks? Any one Bueller Bueller any one?

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    Are they democrats? That would explain it really

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    Hands out for handouts. Yeah I would avoid feeding them if possible. Less we want them to multiply.

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    Those are the same people who would vote out the 2nd ammendment then want you and your guns to protect em when the s#$t goes down. Im sure they have NO idea why they hate hunting.

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    I like when non-hunters who want meat from me, who also think it's free! I tell them sure, I'll give you some, go to the grocery store, buy 5 lbs of prime rib and we'll trade for 5 lbs of venison. Never had anyone ask again

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    Have you seen the cost of venison in the grocery store? It goes for three times the cost of prime rib.

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    People that want hunting outlawed are not my friends.
    "Denn du bist was du isst"

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    I am related to and are friends with people who don't really like hunting. But aside from people on Facebook that I never actually see, I don't personally interact with anyone who is against hunting. Even my aunt who doesn't really like it lets me and my dads friend hunt her 27 acres.

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    I've told this story before and will probably tell it many times in the future. I had a girlfriend that was against hunting and guns in general and so were all of her friends. So I didn't ever talk about hunting with them. Always got stuck going to lots of boring picnics in the summer with these people. One day I went to visit a sick friend in New Haven. I don't always carry but do when I go to cities like this. After that went to her house for a picnic. She sees the clips on my Crossbreed and knows I'm carrying and starts with me. They had all already been drinking and I get the anti gun nonsense and why do you carry, does it make you feel like a man nonsense. So I take it off and lock it in the car, but the nonsense continued. All the guys there (sheep) watched and said nothing. I finally got up and left, and never looked back. They have a right to their opinion, but I'm not going to associate with people who think I'm wrong. These are the same people that sit there talking about building a safe room in their house for protection. If your friends don't like hunting I would not give them any deer meat or even talk to them about it.

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    Can any one answer this

    I look at it this way i can still be friends every one has freedom of choise and speech so i always tell them nope bad year did not get anything as im grilling the tenderloins



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