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Thread: 3 years in the waiting

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    3 years in the waiting

    3 years in the waiting, and lots of work has finally paid off. Yesterday I shot a 5 point buck which dressed out at 150lbs. Kind of a strange looking rack. I am going to mount it because its my first, but I wont mount another small rack again. Our goose hunting has been good, but the deer hunting hasn't produced anything, until yesterday. Deer sightings were kind of rare, having only seen a few deer this year neither of which gave me a shot.
    Last year we (wife and I) saw a few deer, but also no possible shot, or at least no ethical shots.
    This guy came in at my 6'oclock direction at around 0740. I kept a watchful eye behind me, as I had a feeling that's where deer might show up with how the wind direction was that day. As I looked back, I saw the back half of the deer, he was walking behind a big tree. So, knowing his vision was blocked by a tree, I stood up and turned around. Now I am facing the tree. I look to the left, see nothing, look the right, nothing. So I knew he was still behind the tree. I look to the left again, there he is, coming straight in. I froze, didn't want him to spot me. Now hes about 30 yards out. He then turned to his left, my right, behind another tree. I quickly shifted to my right and aimed the gun where I knew he was going to come out. As soon as he did, I let my .303 British with hard sights fly. I aimed for the front right shoulder area, toward the lungs. I hit it good. He stumbled around, then started a slow trot to my right (as I was still standing in my stand facing the tree), went about 35 yards, circled back and did a summer salt. He was then laying on the ground, took one big breath and that was it. He was dead in about 15 seconds after I shot him.
    So I gave him about 20 minutes, watching carefully from my stand. I wanted to give him the respect he deserved, and make sure he died peacefully. After it was blatantly obvious that he passed, I got down.
    My wife and I field dressed him. I started the job with her help, then she kind of took over and I helped her out. Kind of a team effort thing. Shes great. It was obvious that the bullet pierced the heart, right before it pierced the stomach but didn't pierced any intestines.

    Anyways, its now at the butcher. I went to a well recommended one by our friends. I'm going to mount this, and we will always look at it and have a story to tell about the hard work and patience it took to get that done. I am looking forward to #2, and I hope the wife can score one soon as well.

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    Congrats on your first, that's a great start. Good luck to you and your wife!
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    Great first deer! Congratulations

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    Nice job congrats .......
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    Awesome, congrats

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    Way to go, very happy for you and your wife. Glad she got in there and showed you how to gut it, lol. Nice to see you out there with that .303, hope you get another one soon.

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    Great job! Here's to future success, and keeping it a family endeavor!! Good to see the effort paid off!

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    Congrats on a Great First deer!

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    Congrats on your first deer!Awesome job



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