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Thread: First snow hunt

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    First snow hunt

    Headed to northwestern part of the state to take advantage of the snow. Nothing better than chasing cottontails in the snow. I wasn't sure how the scenting would be since it was so windy. Had our first rabbit up and running in the first 20 minutes and she was locked onto it. That's when I knew it would be a good day. Ended up having 5 good chases and was able to kill 2. 9 miles on the GPS. Also put up 3 pheasants but had no shot. 1 of the rabbits that I killed was big and ran huge circles. Thinking he was a eastern cottontail rather than a new England cottontail. Hard to tell the 2 apart.20161122_142912.jpg20161122_082522.jpg20161122_125547.jpg20161122_152554.jpg

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    Makes for a good day. If you ever go back to the spot i told you about last year and want a hunting buddy for the day, pm me. Id love to hunt with dogs. I usually have to chase them myself. Ha ha.

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    We also have European Hare in CT. If you start one of them, you'll see the difference in size all day long, and they will run different than a cottontail. You really should try to get up North and try Snowshoe Hare hunting, even if it's for a weekend with a guide it is a blast and the chases are longer.
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