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Thread: Patience really works

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    Patience really works

    Ok so I posted yesterday talking about patience and focus and perseverance. It was a great reminder for me and it paid off this evening.
    As I work 24 hr shifts, this morning was a no go for sitting in my stand. Figured I'd take my newish to me rifle ( Marlin 336 in 35 Remington), to the range during the day to make sure I'm all lined up and ready to go for rifle season and PA season. Knowing I had to get ready for my evening sit, after 3hrs and alot of open front and rear sight maneuvering, quarter size bullseye three shots in a row at 100yds....All set there and ready to go I figure!!

    Get in to my stand at about 3:20, roughly 55 degrees, beautiful evening, no wind, no cold not warm, just right (not necessarily for the deer but for me anyway). Sat quiet for roughly 30 minutes after getting up and settled in. Then I did a quick doe bleat, buck grunt series and sat still. Not long after I had a lonesome deer working my way, about 150 yds away. (My stand is about 15 yds inside the timber from a field edge) The deer starts getting closer and closer, not sure if it's a doe or a buck, I ponder what I'm going to do if it presents a shot. Finally it gets to about 40 yds and I can see some antler, it's not clear but I see bone. At 30yds, Just when I see it's a decent buck, he starts to wonder off the faint trail that leads right in front of my stand. I briefly lose him in a small patch of cover. (Do I get aggressive or do I let things happen??) I decided to do a little of both. With as little movement as I could, I gave a few quick doe bleat/buck grunt/snort wheezes at a quietly desperate volume. As neither of us budged for 5 minutes, I began to wonder if he had quietly wandered off. I didn't believe so, assured of the fact that I would've heard atleast the crunch of a few leaves. Another couple minutes pass, with no movement from me or the contestant.....the silence was then broken, a quick and quiet grunt from the confused 8 point buck(finally the first real buck grunts I've heard ; 7 yrs). Now I know he's still there, so I decide to to bleat, then grunt, then snort wheeze. Here he comes, a respectable deer on the 150 acre farm property I hunt that offers slim pickings due to crop damage permits. Working closer but not offering the best shot, the surely confused buck proceeds to beat the sap off a small tree to let me know he believes this is his area. I watch in admiration and excitement. By now he's at 25 yds, about to enter the fields edge close to where I had previously dropped some doe in estrous and regular doe scent. So close, but he turns to the right and proceeds 5yds into the overgrown field of rye, prickers, and milkweed. Hiding my excitement from the buck stands a tree, which coincidentally covers the bucks vitals from the flight of my arrow. Grunt/estrous bleat/snort wheeze,. Thats all it took to turn him around and put him in my 20yd shooting lane. As he slowly licked and sniffed the prickers I just saturated with doe scents, he found himself in my shooting lane;and I found it perfect!! Double lung just missing the pump station that is his heart, he ran 8yds maybe 10 and called it quits.

    Not a giant, not a beast, just the classic/basic southern new england whitetail buck. But my goodness far and away the best hunt I've ever had, and I only saw 1 deer, imagine that!

    Cheers ,

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    Dumbass and can't figure out posting pics

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    Nothing wrong with that deer!! Congrats man!

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    Great deer congrats!

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    Great deer, glad it worked out for you.

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    Congrats on your buck, good job!
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    Ill take patience and persistance over skill any day. Congrats buddy.

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    Congrats nice buck
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    Very nice deer and a great write-up.

    Congrats and thank you!



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