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Thread: Fur Harvests & Trap Line Talk - 2016/2017 Season

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    WTF?? Where did that white stuff come from? Just a couple wet flakes here mixed in with the rain. I didn't even know it was supposed to snow today.

    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Well after holding off setting traps in November for the most part, I kicked things off yesterday for beaver season by setting a handful of 750s under false castor mounds and a pair of 330s. Picked out a single 30ish lb beaver this morning. Front foot catch in one of the 750s. Also set a couple 550 coyote traps behind my house yesterday evening. Made a pen with a wall of sticks on two sides and a trap on each open end. Few scrap deer bones in the middle covered with hemlock so the birds dont see it.

    Supposed to get cold now so I'm enjoying a few days of open water trapping before ice probably becomes a factor.

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    And the medieval chamber is back OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by S2H View Post
    And the medieval chamber is back OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

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    Haha yep! He's got a whole dedicated shed now

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    Nice catch man, hope those k9 sets work out for you. Cleanse the woods of those pesky dogs.

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    Beaver sausage and jerky! Good work!

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    Sent my stateland application in this morning. Let's hope they get that built into the online system soon. I don't remember the last time I put a stamp on an envelope and mailed something!

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    Fur Harvests & Trap Line Talk - 2016/2017 Season

    Set my first solo beaver trap today. Thanks Woodsman for the guidance, we'll see how it goes

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    Sooner or later ill have more time and take the class. For now i just enjoy reading your posts and following along. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Fur Harvests & Trap Line Talk - 2016/2017 Season

    Well it's about time to post an update.

    I'd been running a single 330 at a swamp down the street getting my feet wet with water trapping to no avail.

    The WoodsmanA came out to give me a few pointers and add a couple traps and we tripled overnight! The first one was retrieved in a couple hours after setting. Set the castor mound on a foothold I had out and checked a few other spots, grabbed supper and went back to check and had my first beaver followed by 2 more in the morning! All castor mound sets, 2 front foots and 1 rear.

    Was great to have my first catch with Adam and have him teach me to skin them on Saturday.

    Also picked up a roadkill fisher a few weeks back



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