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Thread: New CT Non migratory Stamp ripoff

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodsmanA View Post
    The last time I was on a golf course for actual golf was probably 5 years ago or so. I was invited for a bachelor party thing for an old friend of mine. I ended up trying to catch a bullfrog in one of the ponds. Some guy yelled at me.
    That is so much like you. LOL Never change Adam. I can remember when I was young hunting for Grouse and getting 1-3 birds a day. Sad to see such low numbers. Habitat being used for houses I guess. But if I was back north I'd be hard pressed to not show one. Great meal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodsmanA View Post
    I too would like to see some more effort put into grouse conservation by the state. But DEEP is so desperately underfunded and stretched too thin. The biologists don't have the resources nor the money to invest any time or effort into grouse. I've heard stories of how many grouse used to be around in this state years ago. I'd love to be able to hunt grouse but honestly, with so few around it just doesn't seem smart to hunt them until more is known about the current state of the population. If someone has any info or knows more about grouse in CT please share. I see grouse on the road near my house ocassionally. They're around out this way but not in high numbers I don't think.
    Talk to RGS. BTW, they are having a dinner November 3 in Prospect (I believe). In the past they have had an RGS wildlife biologist in attendance.

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    Lots of good info on the RGS website. I never visited their page until now. Thanks for the tip CT-Hunter.
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    Don't get too upset over this. This is how a few pro hunting Legislators saved the pheasant program. Hopefully the monies banked won't get swept into the general fund. They are earmarked for the program.



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