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Thread: New CT Non migratory Stamp ripoff

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    New CT Non migratory Stamp ripoff

    Typical CT ripoff: now we can't hunt quail which are privately stocked at Flaherty's without a permit nor grouse or woodcock with the State does basically nothing to improve. Additionally combining pheasant & turkey when most pheasant hunters don't hunt turkey is a bad joke. This new law passed without any publicity is outrageous.

    Time to rise up, contact your legislators and get this reversed. It worked the last time they tried to raise fee. We should not stand for these changes

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    IIRC the main reason that they backed off on that major increase was because the license sales went way down because people refused to pay the new fee. Hitting them in the pocket book is usually what works. I have no idea how to apply that to this though. Hopefully some of the members might have some ideas.

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    In similar news, Stop & Shop raised the price of rotisserie chicken by $1
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    While I understand your sentiment it's actually made my license cheaper. Used to spend $60 on turkey tags alone.

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    Depends on what you hunt depends how it impacts you.

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    If you hunt turkey and state land pheasants like I do, then it is a big savings.

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    Im glad it passed, saves me money!

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    I like to save a few bucks as much as the next guy but if the funds really do go towards boosting turkey and pheasant habitat I don't see how lowering the price of turkey tags will bring in more money. I understand the concern of the pheasant program losing funding so combining the tags makes sense in that regard.
    I enjoy both turkey and pheasant seasons, I'm just failing to see a positive besides saving us a few bucks.

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    Car tax= waaaaaaay bigger rip off
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    stamp ripoff

    this is to help keep the pheasant program , as you know money from pheasant stamps stays with the program, money from turkey tags goes to the gen. fund, by putting the two together the money from the new stamp will stay with the program. if you like to hunt pheasant on state land you should be for this



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