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Thread: Tanned CT Fur For Sale

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    Tanned CT Fur For Sale

    Finally got back to working on some furs this evening... Four months late. Obviously these didn't get done in time for the auctions up north. Not that that's worth it nowadays anyways. I'm not holding these over either so they have to move. DU CT and I are sending out a good lot of pelts from this last season. Foxes, coyote and two NY Bobcats we're keeping for ourselves but we will have for sale 35 beaver (smalls to XLs), 20 something raccoons (smalls to XLs) and a dozen or so all-white skunks. PM me if you're interested in buying a tanned pelt. Good for wall hangers or draping over a chair, make some mitts or a hat, etc.

    Have one blanket beaver - $100
    XL - $80
    L - $70
    M - $60
    S - $50


    $25 - $45

    Skunks (all white/wide white stripe):

    $30 each
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