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Thread: July 10th Housatonic Archers 3D-Shoot

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    July 10th Housatonic Archers 3D-Shoot

    July 10th, 2016 7AM-1PM We have 30 3D-Targets set threw out our club grounds, we attempt to give you realistic hunting scenario shots at the targets to practice your skill as both a marksman and hunter. There is a prize for the top shooter of the day as well as a door raffle prize which your entry fee automatically puts you in the running for. Along with a novelty raffle where for $5 you get 3 arrows: 12/10- Ring gets you 3 raffle tickets, 8-Ring is 2 tickets and a body shot is 1 ticket The price is $15 per person for non-members, $10 for club members and children under 8 shoot for free Food and Drink will be availableDirections
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    I live about 2 hours away. Is there anything else to do that is outdoorsy out by you? That way the girl and I can make a day of it?

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    There is a resivour off exit 19 on rt 8 were you can fish. There is also a paintball place just down the road from us (not sure if you guys are into that) there is also a park up the road from us with another good fishing hole. You're also welcome to hang around the club and shoot our practice course from our tree stand or the ground once you finish the course. Aside from that not much pops into my head. If you did happen to come up I'm sure one of our club members that lives in a closers area to the club might have some suggestions.

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