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Thread: Hay Fever!!

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    Hay Fever!!

    I got it. The coyotes got it. I bet a lot of people are suffering from hay fever. I don't actually suffer from the allergy, more like buck fever symptoms. I've kept after those yotes for the last few weeks. I've actually flat out missed two, and have had encounters with bobcats as close as 10 feet. My misses haunt me, and I'm due to spend some time at the range to verify that it's me and not my weapons.

    Anyway, checked a few farms this evening to see who was cutting or bailing. Given the wind direction, my options were limited, and I chose to call over a small section that Treat and I called over a couple of nights ago. That stand was a blank, but the hay was rowed and due to be picked up. I figured it was as good a spot as any tonight.

    Doe came out early and I made note of where she broke the treeline. It was about five minutes to the last shooting minute when I looked over to that small opening in the trees and see a white patch. I thought it was just part of a tree. I looked back over and thought I saw it move. I got in the scope and confirm it's a coyote's head and chest. She's facing head on and I didn't want to take that shot, so I try to find a sound that might get her to step out. She had been there a few minutes, so I knew she was reluctant to leave the cover of the trees. I looked up from my remote, and before I could change the sound, I noticed that she stepped out to the field edge and was now broadside at most 100yds.

    With two minutes of legal time left, the 6.8SPC did it's job, and she flopped around for a couple of seconds, then expired. Small female, #10 for this year...and still plenty of hay to be cut and collected. It's been a while since I got up early to catch the sunrise...might need to give that a shot soon. There was a gobbler gobbling his head off on the roost tonight too...isn't it a little late for that?!?

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    You have some great spots. Congrats again. Stop missing.
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    Nice shooting Scott keep smacking them,Looks like she had pups they are going to miss mom..
    Shoot a Coyote save a Fawn

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    Dd you borrow that gun from isis or al queda?
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    Dd you borrow that gun from isis or al queda?
    Don't hate the rifle...

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    do you use many coyote vocalizations in the summer or mostly distress? I havent really done much summer hunting. Or winter for that matter. Lol. But im thinking about it. Only having pressured state land to hunt makes. It more challenging and im thinking there cant be many out hunting them in the summer so maybe my chances will be better.




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