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Thread: Quite a surprise.

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    Quite a surprise.

    Ive been stopping on my way home from work a few evenings a week and fishing in the pequabuck river in Bristol seeing that its just down the road from me. 12 to 14 inch browns and rainbows are quite common in that little brook, but what i caught today took me by surprise. I threw a tail hooked meal worm with a spinner upstream and BAM!. I honestly thought i was snagged untill it jumped. This guy was peeling out drag and giving it a good run. I got him all the way up onto the bank before he spit the hook and flopped his way back into the water. It was a big brown, all of 18 to 20 inches. Now i know what your thinking. No pic, it was probably only 12. Well, i know where he lives, and i WILL catch him again and snap a photo before releasing him for the next guy to enjoy. I have to say, that little brook holds some pretty nice fish considering only a decade or two ago it was one of the nastiest stretches of water to be found. It really is quite the comeback story. Anyone else fish it?


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    Congrats on the catch and quick release, I stopped by the Salmon River yesterday to talk to a friend and he caught a 21 inch brown there along with an 18 inch rainbow.

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    Cant really complain about that. I tried a couple more times for the big guy but only find the 12 to 15 inchers. Not that IM complaining either.



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