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Thread: Two Nights in a Row...

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    Two Nights in a Row...

    Everybody is cutting something right now. Fields are going from two foot high to a few inches of stubble. The best part is, is that it gives me options dependent on the wind direction. And the fresh cutting almost guarantees a shot before end of legal time. I think they just sit in the cover waiting for the sun to set. Send them a sound that gets their attention, and they can't stand not to investigate.

    Found myself a freshly cleaned field, not exactly what I had hoped, but I know the coyotes will check the fields for 3 or 4 nights in a row while it's being worked. A little rabbit distress brought this girl out just after sunset. I've had them come to this field before, always from the woods on the right, so I positioned myself that way. She crossed a clover field to get here, but I didn't see her until she stepped into the field in front of me.

    She was much further out than my caller was, but she was committed to the field. I had time and got her in the scope and just followed her as she crossed through the field. She wasn't coming any closer, but wasn't trying to get away...just moving through. I decided to bark her to a stop, and when she did, I let the .223 round do it's thing. A couple of spins, and she was down for the count.

    They look small on the ground, but surprisingly heavy when dragging. Talked to another farmer before I did this stand and he said he'll be cutting tomorrow...I know where I'll be tomorrow night.

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    Haha, do it it again.
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Man, your a coyote killing machine. Keep it up .



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