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Thread: Does anyone coyote hunt Western/NW CT?

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    Does anyone coyote hunt Western/NW CT?

    Im looking to get into the action but dont know the best way to get started.

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    I'm not in that part of the state, but I didn't start hunting them until I moved to CT, and I'm obsessed with hunting them now.

    Scouting is as important with coyotes as it is with other game. Check the land(s) you hunt for sign.

    You can pass shoot them, or you can call to them. If calling, use an animal distress call (rabbit is the most common), or a simple dog toy squeaker. A motion decoy like a mojo critter or simply a feather on a stick will help keep their attention away from you. I do a lot of pass shooting in the mornings, and most of my calling in the evenings.

    Join a predator hunting forum and read, read, and read some more. There's a ton of information on the web.

    Trial and error is the most valuable part of the game...learning through doing.

    Oh...and pay attention to the wind. I don't care what anyone tells you, as far as I'm concerned, you can't fool their nose. Most people with any experience will tell you that success depends mostly on stand location and set-up.

    All of this information and more was passed on to me by a longstanding member on this site. And I asked plenty of questions along the way.

    PM me with anything I might be able to further help you with.

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    I can set you up by me, state land on Torrington/Winsted line.

    PM me

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    Thanks for the help guys, next free Sat ill send a PM John



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