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Thread: Fawn killer bites the dust

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    Fawn killer bites the dust

    I have been watching a big doe i call granny she was carrying twins a yote was dogging her i got a clear shot at 150 yards smoke a fat female coyote this makes four females i took that should help with alot less pups...
    No picture cell phone crapped out
    Shoot a Coyote save a Fawn

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    Nice! wish we could get the population of yote's down eveyrwhere.

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    Good job Andy.
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Congrats, Andy!! I've been out a few times since Turkey season ended. I've shot 3 coyotes with zero recoveries, hence the lack of write-ups.

    1st was a 300 yd shot at the honey hole. Coyote spun, dropped, got up and cleared the smaller field quickly. Went to track, but as soon as the thorn bushes got too thick to move through, I broke it off.

    2nd was a female, 200 yds off the shooting sticks. She spun then jetted. Caught another moving Mach 1 across the field after the of her pups. I took a running shot, but those little buggers are hard to hit. That one moved off into land I don't have permission to be on.

    Just yesterday, as school let out early, I decided to check out a different farm. Sure enough, the farmer was turning some freshly cut hay. It was 1300 and I asked him if he had seen any since he'd been cutting. He said there was one bouncing in and out all morning. He even offered to run the tractor one more time through to draw him out for me, but it wasn't needed. I walked down over the field and the coyote was still in it. I dropped to a knee and got my rifle up on the sticks. He was in the process of vacating from the tractor I'm guessing. Lip squeaked him to a stop, threw a bullet in him and he spun and rolled through the fresh cut hay throwing it everywhere. He got up and I took a couple more shots as he ran out of the field. I tracked his blood until it got too thick again. Had my school clothes and sneakers on...wasn't interested in a tick infestation. pics...just coyotes that are dead or carrying a little extra weight with them now. Just picked up another very large tract of land, and as far as the landowner says, no one has been calling there and he's due to start cutting hay soon.

    Seems to be a LOT more coyotes running around this spring, and now that I'm officially retired from my military duties, I have all summer to coordinate with the haying!!
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    Great job Andy !



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