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    Candlewood / tournaments

    I don't get out a lot, being on call and working weekends and all, but I got to Candlewood this past Sunday. There must be a launch down by the prison, I don't know, but at 8am the bass boats started coming from that direction. After 40 boats that went by me, I stopped counting. They were just everywhere to the point I just couldn't do anything and went home. It just seems the tournaments are getting worse. I've tried other lakes and ran into the same, and if I don't get to the launch extra early at dark, I'm going to have to sit and wait until after all these guys are launched and out. It sure makes it difficult for one guy to go fishing these days. I know there is nothing I can do about it. JMO.

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    Thats why i been fishing the smaller ponds. But just because the pond is small, ( and not loaded with boats) dont mean the fish are small. Ive been pulling 2 to 5 lb. Bass left and right. Channel. Cats and bullhead too. I hear you though. Gets frusterating.

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    If I remember the state has a list of tourneys on all the lakes and their dates. My buddy use to check it out every week so we didn't head to a tourney at a lake for that day. Even some of the smaller lakes will have them from time to time.
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    What's worse is many times at Candlewood I'll be leaving around noon, and there are 50 trailers in the parking lot, all from New York and New Jersey. Not even CT residents.



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