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    No Rest for the...

    Spring break...I should be sleeping in. But you can't kill them in your sleep. Just because my students probably haven't seen the sun rise all week, doesn't mean I can allow myself to do the same. I've seen way too much activity this past month to pass up an opportunity to get another coyote on the ground. I was set up this morning by 0515. On my way, I passed by two coyotes running roads. The 2nd got in front of my headlights and decided to race me. He won, but not from a lack of effort on my part.

    Different farm than where I got the double yesterday. This farmer has started planting, so there were some slight adjustments to be made. I had to sit against a tractor wheel and use my shooting sticks instead of having a rest for my rifle bipod. Had I known, I would have brought a different rifle.

    As I get to the tractor, I can see out into a hay field and I swear I see a silhouette moving in the field. It's too early to pull the trigger, so I quietly get myself set up in hopes that whatever it is, sticks around another 15 minutes. Of course, the wind is blowing straight out into that field, so I'm thinking if it didn't hear or see me set up, it must have smelled me.

    Anyway...gobblers were going nuts on the roost this morning. And I didn't have long to listen as it starts to lighten up. I can see the hay field, and sure enough...a coyote making his way across the field. He stuck out like a sore thumb with the dew on the grass, and the setting moon still in the sky. I checked my phone...0528...I can pull the trigger.

    He moves and stops, moves and stops...I can't believe he hasn't scented me yet. I shift the sticks over to my left and get my eye in the scope. I get on him a couple of times, but he moves every time I'm just settling the crosshairs. He's beyond my scent cone, so I just follow him in the scope until he's ready to stop again...and he does.

    I settled the crosshairs, and squeezed. My position wasn't what I would call steady, as the recoil caused me to lose the sight picture. I scan back and see nothing. I don't know if I hit him or he bolted from a miss. I was starting to think I missed, so I just sat there and watched the sun come up, the turkeys come out, the geese land, and the deer feed. As the sun started to reach the field, I kept looking through the binos to see if there was anything laying in the rather tall grass. I see what I think is something that doesn't I'm starting to believe I connected.

    Sat till 0730...and no other coyotes showed this morning. Time to get up and take a walk to the bump in the field. As I got closer, I could see my shot was good. It was only 130yds. This guy hit the ground so quickly, I couldn't know for sure that I hit him. This old boy was missing a canine, and his others were worn down or broken.

    A few weeks ago, there were 20-25 turkeys in the field including 3 toms and 3 jakes. This morning, there was 1 tom, 3 jakes, and 3 hens. I still have 3 mornings and evenings to get another coyote or two down...then it's a break to chase after those gobblers!! I'll sleep in this summer...maybe.

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    Wow, great job. Go get another..
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    On a ROLL!! Nice , reaching out and touching em!

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    Man, your on fire. Awesome.

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    Way to go, never hunted coyotes but have shot a few over the years. One liked my turkey calling this morning and decided to try and eat my decoy a load of #5 shot fixed that at 12 yards.

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    You may want to consider not telling anyone else. Lol. Coyote season is closed during the whole month of spring turkey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wishinone View Post
    Way to go, never hunted coyotes but have shot a few over the years. One liked my turkey calling this morning and decided to try and eat my decoy a load of #5 shot fixed that at 12 yards.
    I can't wait for one to attack my decoys. I had one a couple of years ago walk by on the other side of the dekes, but he didn't seem interested. Only time I've gone hunting where my safety froze on the shotgun. Not because it was too cold, mind you...I just couldn't get it off safe.

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    Very nice job Scott keep killing them ..
    Shoot a Coyote save a Fawn



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