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Thread: 6.5CM Eats Again

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    6.5CM Eats Again

    First day of trout season, and I always opt to avoid the masses for the purpose of keeping my sanity in tact. Sometimes when the coyotes aren't coming to the call, just sitting and waiting in the right spots will provide the opportunity (or 2) to take a shot at a passing yote. I opted to skip the honey hole and head to the farm where I smoked a triple with the caller last year. This is the first time I just went out there and sat and waited. The ground shows proof of their presence moving through in nearly every direction. I set up in a chair, using a hay trailer as my rifle rest, and I can see 750 yds to my front (south), and 300 yards to my left (east). The barns are 75 yards to my 6 o'clock, so there is a little room for something to sneak up from behind if I'm not paying attention. I was hoping the cooler temps would have them moving later through the morning.

    As it starts to lighten and I do my usual scanning, making note of points that stick out, I note to my 7 o'clock that there are two dark spots in some very very tall grass. They don't move, and I continue to scan and range different marks. Probably 15 minutes later, I look back to the 7 o'clock and notice that there are now 3 dark spots, and the 3rd is much darker than the others, and then it moves. It's a coyote alright...maybe 90 yards, and I believe it sees me sitting behind the trailer. He wasn't spooked, but he obviously changed directions from where he was originally going. As he starts to make its way across the green field to the treeline 300 yards away, I wondered if I was gonna get a shot at him. On a whim, I brought my shooting sticks that have my little hand squeaker attached. He's quartering away as I swing and get the sticks set up and my rifle on them. I'm all set, elbow on the trailer to steady for him to stop.

    It's amazing really...they always seem to want to know exactly what they were looking at, or what made that noise, or where that bang came from. He stopped and turned to look over at me...for the last time. At 140yds, the 140gr bullet turned the lights out on this dog, and he was dead before he hit the ground. #4 for the year, male, bites the dust, and the bullet...

    I shifted back to my original direction and sat and waited. The sun came up over the trees, and it was a nice morning to just sit and listen. Some early gobbles, but not nearly as close as I expected to hear them. To my 12:30 is a large rock, 400 yards out, and somewhere between there and me, another yote shows heading from the west to the east. I'm not going to go into detail, but I missed...3 times. They can't seem to figure out where the shots come from in this field. I thought I had a good stable firing position, though I wasn't 100% comfortable. The last shot (as he stopped at the rock wall to look back at what was making all that noise), was 530 yards and I know I didn't hold over enough. I'll go over that one (or three) in my head for a while.

    I went and looked just in case I connected, but there was no sign indicating a hit. I sat until 9 and collected up the dead and took him to his final resting place in the woodline. Their fur is getting really ugly now. In the absence of my camera man, who opted to try out the fishing thing with his boys, I bring back the coyote kill selfie!!

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    Great work as always! You do a great write up as well

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    I always enjoy your play by plays. And the bullet bite pic gave me a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling as well. Good work.

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    I almost left you a PM yesterday morning around 5:30 wishing you luck. I knew you'd be out.
    Congrats on another mutt.
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Great job...congratulations on taking out another Fawn killer

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    as always s2h nice play by play and good shooting. seems like the couple farms you hunt look familiar to me? anyway nice report and story congrats



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