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    Mineral Plot

    I have been hearing and reading about mineral plots. What are you take on them? Any experience using them? Construction?


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    Trophy block i tried one it lasted a few months the deer loved it.
    Tractor supply has them .
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    I have had one in the same spot for many years.Last year they never used it and I have no
    idea why.They hit it hard every year for 14 years.I keep it going for the does who will use it
    more than the bucks.They need the minerals most when they have fawns.I checked it last
    week and was surprised to see they were hitting it hard.I filled it today.

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    How long does it generally take for them to start using one? Last year i tried putting out a trophy rock with a cam set up on it but had no takers. After a couple months i took the cam down. I have had them come and eat some big and j though. Maybe put the block in a pile of it?


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    I use mineral salt intended for cows. 50lb bags from Agway or Tractor Supply. I dig a hole, retaining the dirt, and add the salt to the hole and mixing it with dirt. This gets hit hard every year from about late March until mid August by bucks and does w/ and w/o fawns. It may help that it is 1) on a major travel corridor and 2) about 10yds from a swampy fed by a small stream.



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