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Thread: Wards western field

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    You can try PMing OFB (Pete). He has done some beautiful restorations and posted his work here. I looked for his past threads but the pictures are no longer linked.

    I am sure that he will comment if he sees this thread.

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    Sorry, missed the asterisk this morning, pre coffee reply.
    I would start with a good cleaning, a little motor oil and burlap on the metal.

    Burlap will take off light rust with out harming any of the finish.

    For the stock, a damp cloth, maybe a little simple green, no chemical cleaners. Some old finishes can be effected.

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    Thank you everyone for the responses and info. Dive I will definitely watch the videos.

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    Well it been a while since I have been on. I did finish my grandfathers shotgun in the spring. I was able to remove most of the rust and keep the original blueing. I did have to order a few missing parts or not original gun parts screws. I will say it shoots great. I have been looking for a .22 for my son that I want to restore.

    Anyway here are some pictures.

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    The original

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    Wow, that came out great. Something you can pass down to your grand kid.
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    excellent job, something to be proud of!!



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