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Thread: 2016 Hunting Bow

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    I just picked up the Mathews solo cam Creed at sportsmans Outpost. Im pretty new to archery and the only other bow i have to compare it to was the 15 year old Martin i started learning on. So even though its not the best of the best, its a Ferarri to me. I will say though, after a few shots with my brothers obsession, i think im switching to a single pin sight. Boy i cant wait to fling an arrow out of a tree. This will be my first year actually hunting with a bow. Last year i didnt feel that i had enough practice and didnt want to have a bad shot so i didnt try. But this year......oh yeah, im ready.


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    Obsession Defcon M6

    Ordered a new Obsession Defcon M6 in 60lb, 27.5" draw length in Realtree Extra green camo last week. Paired it up with a Trophy Taker Smackdown pro rest and an Axcel AccuTouch HD Single-Pin Bow Sight. This is my first new bow and I am going with all made in USA products. I also Shot the Bowtech BTX and that was a nice bow but liked the looks of the Obsession more.



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