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Thread: Anyone On The Ice?

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    Anyone On The Ice?

    Wow, compared to last years feet of ice, this year is rough. Made it out today for the first time. Up to 8 inches on Winchester Lake. Some spots on the lake were down to 3 inches. Went out for pike. Pulled up none. Buddy pulled up a nice largemouth. Other than that just some perch and pickerel. Anyone else able to get out on some safe ice?

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    I ventured 4' onto the ice to collect up one of my spent shells...walked softly and slowly. I hate the

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    Got out on Mohawk pond today. A good 6 inches of ice this morning but by the time we left probably had 4 inches. The water was really puddling up by the time we left around 4 .Caught a bunch of fish .

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    Fished still water last weekend and hit tyler lake today pretty slow besides this nice calico and perchMessage_1454256471376.jpg

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    I live right down the road from lake pocotopaug. Usually this time of year it is teeming with ice fisherman and a few snow mobilers. Have yet to see anyone on that thin ice and I don't blame them! The most mild winter I've ever seen.
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