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Thread: NJ Boy Scout leader injured by black bear

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    NJ Boy Scout leader injured by black bear

    A Boy Scout leader was mauled while he was cornered in a cave by a bear for more than an hour Sunday at the Split Rock Reservoir near Rockaway Township, authorities said.
    “I guess you could call it the four-legged version of ‘Stand your Ground,’ź” said township Police Chief Walter A. Kimble.
    The Scout leader was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries from the attack on Sunday, Mayor Michael Dachisen said. None of the three scouts he was leading on a hike was hurt.
    Christopher Petronino, 50, of Boonton told investigators he wanted to show the boys a small talus cave, one he had been visiting since the early 1980s without ever encountering a bear, according to a spokesman for the Department of Environmental Protection.
    Petronino walked up to a rocky hillside and entered the cave through a low-lying crevasse in a rock wall, and as he crawled in, the bear grabbed his foot and dragged him deeper into the cave, said the spokesman, Bob Considine.

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    Thanks, a lot more info here than they had on the news.

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    Glad he wasn't hurt too badly. He is one tough guy!



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