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    Hello, I'm from CT and just started hunting this week after waiting a few months after finishing hunters ed. So far I've been trying to hunt squirrels in the Newgate WMA and wow its a nice place to hike but so far horrible luck on squirrels. So hard to find up in trees lol. So far been nice and relaxing exploring this area.

    For a new time hunter I gladly take any advice for small game and even area recommendations lol. BTW nice to meet everyone.

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    Welcome aboard.

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    Welcome to the site and congrats on finishing your hunter safety course.

    Are you walking or sitting when squirrel hunting? With this acorn heavy acorn crop make sure you're hunting oaks. You should see them on the ground a lot. They do make squirrel calls you can try that, you can also try walking for a bit sitting for half an hour letting things calm down then walking some more. You might also want to check out some other WMA's or SF that allow hunting in your area.
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    So far I walk then stop for about 1-5 min listening, scanning the ground then tree trunks and branches. I usually have to stop moving just to try to scan the entire area ><;

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    Welcome aboard Kuro. Keep at them tree rats. I used to hunt Newgate WMA for squirrels a bunch when I lived out that way. Been a few years since I've been in there. Stay seated and quiet for a good 30 minutes and let the woods return to normal. The squirrels will show themselves soon enough. Good luck.
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    Welcome. I've had the best luck early in the morning for squirells when they are most active. Also try sitting at the base of a tree for a little longer, after a while things will pick up. Good luck.
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    Welcome Kuro, just pretend you're deer hunting, squirrels will be climbing your leg.
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    Welcome to the site and keep after them little buggars. Seems like the only time you see them is when you're hunting something else. I learned a great way to get rid of them during bow hunting for deer...knock a squirrel arrow and they disappear into thin air!!!

    Good luck!

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    Thank you everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooManyHobbies View Post
    Welcome Kuro, just pretend you're deer hunting, squirrels will be climbing your leg.
    Seconded, after you're still for a little bit the chipmunks and squirrels all come back. There were two squirrels who kept hitting me and dropping acorns and beech nuts all around me last Sunday morning. Welcome to the site

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